Your Guide to Diamond Shapes and Styles


Did you know that the average household in the United States of America spends close to $650 each year on jewelry? One of the most stunning forms of jewelry that you can own is a diamond ring. While it’s easy to assume that all diamond rings are the same, one of the defining features of each piece is the diamond shapes that get used.

The diamond cuts that you can choose from will impact the elegance of your diamond and allow you to enjoy that modern or vintage look that you love so much. Having a strong idea of the types of diamonds available will make your time shopping for jewelry fun and memorable.

The good news is that you’ve found the perfect guide to learn all about the different diamond styles that you can choose for your diamond rings. Keep reading to learn more today!

Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds


The most popular diamond shape with consumers is the classic, round brilliant cut diamond. It’s a diamond style that diamond cutters have strived to continue improving over hundreds of years. The cut optimizes the brilliance and the fire of the diamond so that it flashes beautifully when light hits it.

The higher the grade of the diamond with a round brilliant cut the more that it will stand out. It’s also a flexible diamond that works well with different metals and ring designs for the perfect look. You can’t go wrong with round brilliant cut diamonds if you’re looking for a ring that will add elegance to your appearance.

Princess-Cut Diamonds

Another popular option when it comes to diamond shapes is the princess-cut diamond. You get some different options with this diamond style since it can get cut into a square-shaped diamond or a rectangular diamond, depending on your preference. These diamond cuts are known to be more brilliant than others due to their design.

You will also find that the colors that your princess-cut diamond gives off are unique compared to other diamonds that you can purchase. Not only will you get brilliant color in the center of the diamond but you’ll also get great color at each of the four corners of this diamond.

Marquise-Cut Diamonds

If you’re more focused on the karat weight of the diamond then you can’t go wrong with a Marquise-cut diamond for your diamond ring. These diamonds are much larger looking than other diamond shapes, making them perfect for showing them off to all of your friends and family.

The shape of this diamond is perfect for giving your fingers and hands a longer and slimmer appearance. This is a great option if you’re looking for elegant diamond rings for an upcoming gift or engagement.

Cushion-Cut Diamonds

Cushion-cut diamonds are timeless in their design as they make for some of the most beautiful diamond pieces of jewelry on the market. They’re often referred to as pillow-cut diamonds, and they’re notable for their pillow shape.

If brilliance is what you’re aiming for with diamonds then you will want to think long and hard about getting a cushion-cut diamond. They’re known for their incredible clarity and brilliance. The cushion-cut design gives them rounded corners to maximize their beauty.

In addition to enjoying great brilliance, you also get to choose from two different shapes with these diamonds. You can take a look at square cushion-cut diamonds or rectangular cushion-cut diamonds to find the perfect option.

Emerald-Cut Diamonds

If you’re looking for unique diamonds for your favorite jewelry pieces then emerald-cut diamonds are worth considering. These diamond styles have rectangular facets that offer a unique brilliance to these diamond cuts. You will get a much better idea of the diamond’s natural clarity when you get emerald-cut diamonds for your loved one.

The inclusions and the colors of your diamond will be much easier to see if you choose this diamond cut. It’s one of the best options for diamond rings and necklaces.

Radiant-Cut Diamonds

Another great option when you start shopping for diamonds is the radiant-cut diamond. These diamonds have corners that are trimmed in a unique way to add to the brilliance and clarity of each diamond. It’s similar to a hybrid between an emerald-cut diamond and a rounded diamond, and it results in a stunning piece.

You should consider using a radiant-cut diamond as the centerpiece of a diamond ring with multiple diamonds in it. The radiance of your main diamond will play well together with smaller diamonds around it. It results in a spectacular ring that will dazzle everyone who sees it.

Pear-Shaped Diamonds

Pear-shaped diamonds are another great option if you’re looking to show off your beauty and elegance with diamond rings and jewelry. These diamonds are more slender than other diamond shapes, which is perfect if you’re looking for diamonds that provide a slimmer profile and appearance.

You will enjoy a delicate and classy look when you have this diamond on your finger. They’re designed to provide the most brilliance possible.

Oval Diamonds

Oval diamonds are a beautiful blend of classic styling with a modern spin. Oval diamonds work well with many different types of diamond jewelry. They’re most popular for use as engagement rings thanks to their brilliant colors and brightness.

The design of these diamonds is perfect if you want to match your ring with other jewelry when you head out. It provides the same brilliance as other cuts while also making your fingers look slimmer in the process.

Now You Know the Best Diamond Shapes

Shopping for diamonds can get overwhelming in a hurry, but knowing the different diamond shapes is a great way to prepare. Oval diamonds are a popular choice for diamond rings, while pear diamonds work well with many different types of jewelry. Princess-cut diamonds are a perfect option if you want a unique ring with stunning colors.

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