What Brands Use Standout Motion Content?


Living in the age of YouTube, TikTok, and Reels on Instagram, it’s obvious that motion graphics-based interactive experiences and dynamic visual content are an important part of marketing, both today and in the future.

After all, motion graphics are a powerful device when it comes to telling stories, as they can easily transform highly technical ideas into user-friendly content through the use of illustrations and graphics.

But what are some of the best examples of brands using motion graphics designs, and why do they work?

Walt Disney

The silhouette of the Disneyland castle in Disney’s logo pays homage to the origins of the brand as a theme park. The castle, which is the most iconic symbol of Disneyland, is a testament to the Disney brand and its devotion to creating immersive and magical experiences for its visitors.


The shooting star that flies across the sky in the logo creates wonder and whimsy, which reflects Disney’s commitment to storytelling and imagination. They use the logo to introduce each of their movies, further reinforcing their commitment to giving their audience an escape from reality for just a short period of time.


The animation in the Netflix logo begins with the animated “N”, which makes a smooth transition into an image resembling a barcode. This was borne from the company’s initial idea to use sideways views of their original thumbnails.

The illusion of depth and color spectrum provides an immersive experience for the audience. The brand plays its logo at the start and end of each of its videos on the streaming platform.


The fact that Google’s logo is so unique is a testament to the brand’s diverse service offerings. The logo’s morph animation is one of the main elements that make it stand out from other logos.

The animation creates an element of creativity and playfulness, which reflects the company’s devotion to innovating and pushing boundaries. The simple but effective logo changes and evolves as it develops and grows over time.

In addition to animated logos, motion graphics are also used in animated typography, animated graphic loops, animated explainer videos, and animated introduction videos. YouTube is a great example of the latter when it shows the channel name of the first 1-5 second of its videos to provide an idea of what the channel is about. This type of video is often a combination of animated typography and logos.

Of course, the above brands work with their own in-house animators, Disney especially. But what about other brands that don’t have access to such in-house talent or expertise? Any brand can outsource a logo or any other type of graphic with motion effects by employing the services of an animation company.

An experienced and creative team of animators can bring motion graphics to life and revitalize a brand. When brands such as Disney, Netflix, and Google are employing motion graphics in their designs, it’s clearly an effective device worth considering in any new marketing campaign or company rebrand.