Unfold the world of real entertainment with the exclusive Netflix secret codes


Trying to find a movie on Netflix? There are thousands of genres and subgenres categories specialized  ‘Drama’, ‘Horror’, ‘Kids’ etc that can be only accessed using Netflix secret codes. You can easily get stuck into this.

But do you know?

Netflix has more than 70,000 sub-genres that can only be identified using a special code. As an example, ‘2535’ is the code to find the movies directed by Woody Allen.

Just like this, there are different codes for different subcategories. Not to mention, they will take you to the world of real-world entertainment that you were exactly looking for.


The specific codes for the hidden categories let you access the extensive contents easily. These contents are generally not shown in the recommendation for you.

Netflix sends you a recommendation as per your last viewed content. This collects data from the users and notifies them about any specific content that they would like.

The process is simple once you get those secret codes. Using some easy steps, you can find something that was not on the list ‘To Watch’ on Netflix.

It helps to cut out the situation when you want to enjoy comedy or action thrillers, but there is something for kids on your list. Or think when you want to see your child any educational movies, all the romantic movies are popping up on the list.

Let’s put an end to these embarrassing situations.

What are those Netflix secret codes

You may not find all the contents on the Netflix screen. But the secret codes let you allow to access all the genres that Netflix has. Now mark an end on your scroll in Netflix. Here the codes are given below:

How to use Netflix secret codes

Now you know about the Netflix secret codes. So, excited to make use of it? Let’s follow the simple steps written below. But remember that the Netflix library is changing regularly.

So, some code may stop working. That does not mean the code is fake. However, let’s make use of it.

Step 1# First, you need to find out the secret codes of Netflix. The list part of the Netflix secret code is too long. Most of them contain four to six-digit codes. This is better to search ‘Netflix Secret Codes’ and to select the list updated recently. The updated lists are attached above.

Step 2# You should browse the right secret codes on Netflix for specific movies. The Netflix secret codes are categorized into areas. It helps to find out the right film that you were looking for.

Step 3# Found your code? Let’s note it. You can select the code and then copy it. It will be better if you write it manually somewhere. Double-check the code that you are going to use.

Step 4# Open your laptop or desktop. Go to the Netflix official site. Hit it.

Step 5# Stop! Don’t open the link. First, add the copied Netflix search codes at the end of the URL. As an example, if you want to go for comedy then use this link. If you are logged in to a new device, then you need to sign in there. This page will redirect to the Netflix comedy movie genres.

Step 6# Confused to see a lot of comedy movies in front of you? Don’t worry. Read the full article. Otherwise, you can choose it yourself.

Troubles that you can face when hitting the codes

Using Netflix secret code is easy. Still, you may face some problems to make it. Here are common troubleshoots for using Netflix secret codes are given below:

  1. The code is not working

It may happen when you use the codes but still it’s wrong. In that case, double-check the URL that you have typed. Make sure this is the right code for your intended content on Netflix.

  1. 2. The code is not working in TV and Netflix application

The Netflix hacks codes are accessible only when you use them through any web browser from your desktop or laptop. You must have a laptop or desktop to show contents from those hidden subcategories. As usual, you cannot type codes on applications and TV.

  1. Code stops working suddenly

This can happen when Netflix updates the list of codes. In that case, during the process, some codes get obsoleted. In this situation, you need to choose a different code for working.

I hope your problem is solved. Now enjoy those secret codes of Netflix to enjoy the latest movies on Netflix.

Best movies to enjoy on Netflix using secret codes

Category: Action thriller

Code: 43048


Directed by: Sam Hargrave

The director of this movie Sam Hargrave was coordinator of the films like Captain America: Civil War, Avengers: Endgame, etc. This is based on the story of how a kidnapper became the protector of a young kidnapped boy. The lead performance of Chris Hemsworth was no doubt spectacular. However, the funny parts of Hargrave give the movie a different taste. The graphic of this movie is just a visual treat for you.

Category: Comedy

Code: 6548

Super ad

Directed by: Greg Mottola

This is one of the most popular comedy stories on Netflix. The story is based upon three school friends. Two of them are sexually obsessed when one comes with strange characteristics. In the beginning, they were not cool with them.

Once they got an opportunity to supply alcohol for a party. The author wrote the story at a young age. The story is based upon his childhood experience. Roger and Goldberg develop their sense of humor rather than the school kid sense.

Category: Romantic

Code: 8883

Dance of the Forty One

Directed by: David Pablos

This movie exposed the hidden sides of Mexican society. Based on the story of a Mexican Scandal. A gay man attended a lavish party in 1901 and police sudden raids there.

However, the government wanted to bury the incident due to the attendance of the upper crust people there. Still, it was a challenge for the press as they wanted to break the story.

Category: Adventure

Code: 7422

Enola Holmes

Directed by: Harry Bradbeer

This is one of the best adventure movies of Netflix released in 2020. The story is based on the adventure of a little girl whose mother was missing. Enola was staying with her mom. Suddenly her mother goes missing.

She left a cryptic clue behind her missing story. Little girl Enola started to find out about her mom and get to see the real society. Now the question is ‘ did her famous brother help Enola to find out her mom? ‘

Category: Disney

Code: 67673

The Princess and the Frog

Directed by: Ron Clements, John Musker

 Do you know the first black princess from Disney? It’s Tiana. Her friendliness, personality, and charming presence have made her an icon of that time. Tiana was hardworking and ambitious. She wanted to open her new restaurant in New Orleans.

But when she meets Prince Naveen, she gets detached from her dream. The evil doctor Dr. Facility cursed Naveen and he turned into a frog. From this movie, you will get to know ‘How Tiana will make Naveen free from the curse’?

Category: Horror

Code: 8711

The Third Eye

Directed by: Rocky Soraya

Horror movies always leave goosebumps in everyone’s body. The ghost facts, parallel activities are always the most discussed and interesting matter in society. In this movie, the two sisters start to live in their childhood place which was inhabited by ghosts.

They started to see paranormal activities. Once they contact one spiritual practitioner who reveals that one of those sisters has a third eye to see such abnormal things. The ghosts started to take revenge for their death through the body of that girl. Could the elder sister save the younger from this scenario?

These are the best movies that you can see using Netflix codes. If the above-mentioned codes don’t match with the subgenres, you can use another.

Final word

Netflix has created those codes with the combination of human and machine learning. Whatever it is – the world of recreation is now open for you. Enjoy it in your way.

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Can I download things from Netflix?

No, you can not download content from Netflix. As this is a live streaming channel. But with Netflix subscription plans, you can watch your favorite movies as many times as you want. The files may not be downloaded on external memory. But you can mark them as a favorite to watch later.

Do Netflix secret codes work?

Yes, the Netflix secret code works really. Using the Netflix codes, you can break down the Netflix film categories with their highly specific subgenres. Just add the code at the end of the URL. Then it will take you to the subcategories. Now you can select movies as per your choice.

Can you use Netflix codes on a mobile and smart TV?

No, the Netflix secret codes are only accessible on the desktop and laptop. You cannot use it in applications also. As you have to use the code on its web browser link. Apart from that, the codes don’t work on iOS and android.

How can you unlock everything on Netflix?

Use the Netflix secret codes to unlock everything on Netflix. Netflix has different subcategories as per the type of movies. They only send you recommendations as per your viewing history. But using the codes, you can enter a hidden world. It offers you different types of movies, show, etc.