Top 8 December Global Holidays to Celebrate


Throughout the whole year, people celebrate multiple holidays, and in all of the festivals, they decorate their houses with so many things. The festivals for the holidays become a very important part of our daily life. And it also brings a lot of happiness and enjoyment together. By having all the family members people like to celebrate each one of the celebrations or the holidays as well. Besides that, December is the month when a lot of festivals come and all of the people enthusiastically celebrate all of them. If you want to know about the best December global holidays then we will talk about all of them shortly.

At the same time, all of the December global holidays often become a festival for all people around the whole world. People exchange gifts and other things among their closest and dearest relatives or friends. Even December global holidays gif is also available, you can utilize to wish someone or to all of your friends and family members. Apart from all of these things, they are some important festivals or holidays that you need to know about and you can celebrate all of the holidays with your family members and friends as well. Therefore through the help of this short article, we are going to share a list of all holidays that you can also celebrate with your special ones.

Some of the December global holidays

Regarding all the holidays, now here in this paragraph, we are going to mention all of the names of the holidays which you can celebrate in the month of December.

1. Hanukkah


In December month, you can celebrate the festival of Hanukkah. It is a festival that is celebrated for 8 long days. The entire people of Jewish like to celebrate the holiday with all of their close family members and relatives. Besides that, it is a festival that is mainly celebrated for the triumph of the Jews over the Syrian Greeks. For the first time in Israel, the festival is introduced by the people of Jewish. And in this 21st century, all people around the whole world celebrate this special day in the month of December with their friends and other people.

2. World AIDS day

Besides that, another popular holiday in the month of December is World AIDS Day. To spread awareness among the people about AIDS mostly in the month of December it is celebrated. On the 1st of December all over the whole world, people celebrate the occasion of World AIDS Day. In fact, for people who are already suffering from a problem to encourage them and are to overcome the situation this festival is also celebrated.

3. Bodhi Day

At the same time, another popular holiday in the month of December is Bodhi day. On the day of 8th December all over the whole world, people celebrate the occasion of bodhi day. To celebrate the enlightenment of the Siddharth Buddha All the Buddhist people like to celebrate the day very grandly in multiple locations around the whole world. On this special day, all the Buddhist people also spread the morals and the values of Gautam Buddha. Mainly in Japan, you can watch the celebration very grandly among all the people every year.

4. Feast of the Immaculate Conception

Not only that the feast of the Immaculate Conception is another one of the popular festivals in the month of December. Even festival is also celebrated on the 8th of December every year to celebrate and memorize the contribution of the Virgin Mary People like to celebrate the day. She was the one who gave birth to Jesus Christ. And on this special day, all of the people come together and like to pray in front of the Virgin Mary. People decorate their houses with multiple things and lighten up all of the areas of their houses.

5. Human Rights Day

Besides that Human Rights Day is another more important holiday in the month of December. It is celebrated on the 10th of December every year. As the name suggested, the day is for all the common people who are struggling for their rights. It is a particular day when people can arrange their voices to get all their rights from other people. And with that time it becomes one of the most important days or holidays for all of the people around the whole world.

6. St. Lucia’s Day

Not only that there is another day that is also celebrated in the month of December Saint Lucia’s Day. On the day 13th of December, this particular day celebrated audience. The day is also celebrated for the birth of Jesus Christ and by watching the bright star in the sky people celebrated the day by exchanging gifts or by offering gifts to the little one. All of the people of Norway and Sweden like to celebrate the occasion very grandly.

7. Christmas

At the same time, the most important and most popular holiday in December month is Christmas. On the 25th of December all over the whole world, people celebrate the occasion of Christmas with their family members and friends. The day is celebrated for Jesus Christ and his birth on the earth. It is a very happy and joyful day for all of the Christian people and they celebrate the day very grandly by exchanging gifts and sweets. Besides that, you can also decorate your house by bringing the best lighting and by inviting all of your close friends and relatives.

8. Winter Solstice or Yule

The last popular day in the month of December is the winter solstice or Yule. In the month of December on the 21st you can actually celebrate or can notice the celebration among the people. To celebrate all the long nights in the winter and to celebrate the short days of the winter, people like to celebrate this particular occasion. At the same time, People from all over the whole world like to decorate their rooms with the best lighting and the best equipment.


Therefore, these are the most popular December Global holidays that you can also celebrate with all of your relatives and family members joyfully.