The most common landscape mistakes and unique ways to avoid them


Visitors and bystanders might get a wonderful first impression of your Phoenix property from the surrounding scenery. Or it may be a blight that makes everyone wonder what you were thinking when you came up with this design, if you had any kind of intention at all. All of us have seen stunning homes that were concealed by deplorable surroundings. It’s basically a collection of trees and plants that seem to have wandered into the yard and rooted themselves there.

Unfortunately, a lot of new homeowners believe that landscaping in Melbourne is an easy activity that they can do on their own. It provides the chance to put in a little work while saving money on the price of hiring a landscape designer and installer. But as soon as they start the actual process of constructing the landscape, their perspective shifts, and they learn the reality of this procedure.

If you want the finished product to look spectacular and last the first hot summer in the Valley of the Sun, you need to put a lot of knowledge, talent, and work into the design and installation of the landscape.

We have collected a list of the most frequent landscaping errors and a we approach to avoid committing them in your own yard to save homeowners from making some common and expensive blunders.


Exterior Appeal Is Crucial

This picturesque setting is both arresting and appealing. The enormous palm palms serve as a focal point at the courtyard’s entrance.

It is simple to overlook the outside design of your own house. The majority of your time is spent sitting in the yard or seeing it from inside the home. However, from the street, the rest of the world will be able to see your yard. They will recall it based on their first impression. You should be aware that you will eventually want to sell the property, even if the prospect may not bother you right now. Additionally, a lack of kerb appeal results in either no buyers or inexpensive purchasers, both of which are undesirable.

The answer is straightforward to avoid having no or little kerb appeal. Hire an expert with years of experience designing unique landscapes. Why do you believe you can plan and construct a whole landscape yet you would never contemplate fixing the engine in your car? To organize a free first consultation with a member of the our design team, just click here or call 1300 027 475. All the tedious details and laborious work will be taken care of by our experts. All you have to do is express to your designer your likes, dislikes, and plans for utilising your outdoor living area.

Too Many Errors to Correct

A truly natural-looking oasis requires careful plant selection, installation, and placement. Because of the design expert’s expertise and that of the installation team, these plants are flourishing.

As we previously said, it takes a tremendous amount of knowledge and training to correctly design a landscaping project. And there is no way for a homeowner to get the information required until it is too late when deciding to take on this large duty. The most typical rookie errors include:

  • Choosing the incorrect plants for the area
  • Choosing the incorrect plants to protect your home from exposure
  • Putting your plants in the incorrect spot on your property
  • Plants being installed either too deeply or too shallowly
  • Ignoring the plant’s pace of development or its full size
  • Sometimes, you’ll strike it fortunate. Almost anyplace you plant an oleander, it will grow. However, after a few years, the lone hardy plant that made it through your first landscaping endeavour could be the only thing you can see from your living room window.

To book a free first consultation with a member of our design team, click here. This can help you avoid the aggravation of dealing with dead plants, diseased plants, plants that are in the incorrect place, and monstrosities that have overtaken your yard. Please be aware that our team will be pleased to assist you in choosing the right plants for your home and will work with you to customize as many elements as they can. But be aware that we will also provide you the direction you need to choose plants that will flourish in our environment.

Additionally, make sure the plants are situated in areas with the right amount and kind of light, water, and soil. Each one will then have expert installation and come with the our plant guarantee. So you can be sure that your landscape will continue to look amazing, just as it did the day we finished it.