Planning Your Landscaping Project


Whether your yard is small or large, you will reach a point where you want to clean up the space with landscaping. Many people make this choice to be more environmentally friendly. A well-landscaped yard provides many benefits beyond just improving the property’s appearance. An environmental advantage is that grasses absorb carbon dioxide and convert it to oxygen. Lawns, trees, and plants are an effective means to cool your property and reduce energy costs. Here are some items you should consider for your upcoming landscaping project.

Your Landscaping Project Should Include the Right Tools

A landscaping project should be planned out to include all of the necessary components. These components include the work, how long the project will last, and how much the project will cost. An additional consideration is the tools you use to complete the work. With any job, your choice of equipment will be necessary. Some of the work will be done by hand, but you will eventually need to bring in more extensive tools. If your landscaping project is rooted in being environmentally friendly, you will want to utilize zero-emission equipment such as Greenworks tools.

Your Landscaping Project Starts With Cleaning Up Debris


In the springtime, you will see the remnants of winter debris collected in your yard. To clean this mess up, you may reach for the broom, the rake, the shop vac, the trash can, and other standard cleanup components. Another item to get is a battery-powered leaf blower. Many leaf blower models have a wide range of battery and recharging capabilities. For smaller projects, you can reach for a handheld leaf blower; for larger projects, you can opt for a backpack-based blower.

Another cleanup tool is an electric pressure washer. If you have a wooden fence in your yard, a wooden deck, or pavement areas, you will accumulate grime on the surfaces. Scrubbing these by hand will remove some of the dirt, but you need the high volume of water pressure working for you. Your choice of a washer will depend upon the pressure washer’s pounds per square inch (PSI) power capabilities. The higher the PSI, the more force and success you will have for your cleanup work.

Your Landscaping Project Continues With Grass Mowing

When choosing a lawn mower, many people think that a gas-powered lawn mower will always be able to cut grass more effectively than an electric lawn mower. This assumption isn’t always valid. Based on the engineering and performance of blade tips, there is a cleaner cut with an electric mower. This performance is especially true when cutting either thick patches of grass or wet grass. You will have many lawnmower choices in size, power, and capability.

You may opt for a hand-pushed lawn mower for smaller yards or spaces. These devices provide flexibility, performance, and quick results. For a larger area, you may choose a yard vehicle to drive the property from the comfort of a seat. As with a hand-pushed mower, the battery power will allow you to cover great distances with zero emissions.

Regardless of the lawn mower choice, you may gather and dispose of the yard clippings. However, a consideration is to return the clippings to the ground to promote nutrient growth. As you finish up your grass mowing, other battery-powered tools to reach for are handheld trimmers and edgers. These tools will provide the finishing touches to make your yard stand out.

Your Landscaping Project Should Include Compatible Battery Equipment

You made a great choice with a zero-based emissions approach to your landscaping project. Many people don’t believe a small project driven by gas-based equipment will significantly impact the environment. One small project won’t have a large impact, but the cumulative effect of many small projects will have a significant impact. Your choice contributed to a reduction in this impact.

Landscaping projects offer many advantages for you and your property. Besides the environmental impact, curb appeal, and satisfaction from a completed project, you have an economic impact. Your property value will increase as you improve the look and maintain the improvements over time. Your neighbors will notice and will look to duplicate your efforts because no one wants to have the worst-looking property on the street.