Six Steps to Create Engaging Posts with Instagram Post Templates


Instagram is one of the most powerful marketing tools and has over 25 million businesses on the platform today. Many brands on Instagram create well-designed, engaging, and eye-catching Instagram posts to stand out on such a famous platform to increase social media engagement and visibility. 

To create an engaging post on Instagram, you need to have a strategic design and marketing plan to attract potential customers and gain more followers on the app in the long run.

You need to know that, Instagram algorithm loves brands that post creative and clean designs at least once a day. 

Creating and posting designs every day can add up to a lot of stress. But do not worry. There are many pre-made Instagram post templates available online that allow you to create designs easily by customizing the text and adding photos of your choice.  


These Instagram post templates make design creation easier and, at the same time, are aesthetically pleasing. Additionally, you can save a lot of time using the same templates for different posts and maintain consistency in all the posts. 

Here in this post, we have mentioned six simple steps to create an Instagram post for your business profile. So let us get started. 

6 Simple Steps to Create Instagram Post

  • Use Instagram Post Templates 

You will not always have the time, resources, and skills to create engaging and eye-catching posts for Instagram. But do not worry. You can use Instagram post templates that are available online and just customize them according to your needs, and they are ready to be posted on Instagram. 

Are you wondering where to find the Instagram post templates? Many online tools are available that will provide you with niche-specific Instagram post templates. 

  • Choose your post format. 

Instagram post is the traditional way to post and stays on the timeline forever. Not only that, but it also allows your followers to engage with your post by liking, commenting, and sharing it. However, you should not underestimate the power of Instagram stories; it also caters to all the immediate needs and increases engagement. 

These Instagram post template makers provide designs that are size-optimized for different purposes. 

  • Choose an image 

If you do not need a photograph and text on a solid background, go to the next step. 

If you have decided to add a photograph with background and text overlays, you have a few options. 

  • Use photos from your camera. You do not need a professional photographer. 
  • You can use professional photographs of your product. These photos are of professional quality.
  • Use stock images that are related to your business. 

Whichever picture you choose, simply replace it with the background of the Instagram post template you are using.

  • Add design elements

One of the best things about Instagram post templates is designing placeholders for text with attractive fonts and other designing elements. The next step is to edit, add, or remove any design element that suits you.

  • Save the photo 

Once you have completed adding all the design elements, then download and save the photo. 

  • Upload to Instagram 

The last and final step is to upload the photo on your Instagram account. Add captions and hashtags, and your picture is ready to be uploaded on Instagram. 

Simple, isn’t it? Using Instagram post templates saves a lot of time and energy.


You need to post regularly on Instagram to get more social media engagement. You can use Instagram post templates to create engaging and eye-catching designs for Instagram without any designing knowledge. Here in this post, we have mentioned how to use Instagram post templates. 

So what are you waiting for? Get started right away.