Instagram Post Ideas for When the Creative Juices Run Dry


Do you want to hear the bad news or the good news about Instagram post ideas first?

We’ll start with the good news, there are almost two billion people on Instagram today. Now for the bad news, there are almost two billion people on Instagram today.

While there is a massive awareness-boosting opportunity with the right content strategy, everything has been done already because there are so many users.

In this guide, we offer up creative new post ideas that will help you learn how to boost Instagram engagement. So if you’re wondering what to post on Instagram, make sure to continue reading below!


Collaborative Posts

Collaborative posts are one of the best ways to expand your audience. Instagram launched new tagging features such as “enhanced tags.”

These new tagging features allow two different pages to feature the same post. Taking advantage of this new feature will ensure audiences are immediately aware of the partnership which will cause both pages to expand their reach.

There are other more traditional ways to partake in collaborative posts such as tagging, paid partnerships, stories takeovers, influencer collaborations, and guest feature posts.

Trending Reels

The current Instagram algorithm favors accounts that are posting on Reels. This isn’t just the favoritism of Instagram. User engagement on the app has increased since the addition of Reels, which means users also prefer accounts that share Reels.

Instagram launched Reels back in 2020 to maintain authority as TikTok absorbed market share. However, they both have their advantages, so even if you’re an active TikTok user, it’s still important to be involved on Reels.

Regarding Instagram Reels, the best strategy is to create your version of trending videos and sounds. When you make a trend your own you have a greater chance of going viral!

24/7 Stories

Instagram stories are nothing new, but the expectations for posting to them are. Dead stories are so 2021. In 2022, no matter the occasion, it is really important that you have anything in your Instagram stories at all times.

Some engaging Instagram story post ideas are:

  • Asking questions
  • Sharing sneak peeks
  • Showing tutorials
  • Adding a guest to your story
  • Using stickers
  • Adding a link to your site or blog

Even if you’re strapped for time, share one of your Instagram posts to your stories. It will set your story to active and boost your discoverability.

Interview in the Stories and Highlights

In Stories, a strategy that has been effective for many brands and Instagram accounts is to interview Stories. This combines collaboration and interaction- two key drivers of Instagram growth.

The interview could be live video snippets of you or a team member answering FAQs. It could also be a live interview with a guest. Or you can use the question sticker to have followers DM you questions and answer them at your leisure.

You can save your Stories to your Highlights. This will hold a library of your best stories for those who want to rewatch them. See blog here for 26 Instagram Highlight ideas.


A giveaway is one of the easiest ways to boost social engagement. Make sure this is on your list of upcoming Instagram post ideas. People love free stuff, so naturally, they will like, share, tag, and do whatever it takes to win.

In the process, your brand will boost its following and engagement. The one caveat with giveaways is that sometimes they attract the wrong audience of people who are only in it for the “free stuff” but won’t convert to customers down the line. One way to avoid this is to do partnered giveaways with a brand that shares a similar audience to yours.

Go Behind the Scenes

Give users a sneak peek of your life or your brand! Stories are the perfect medium to share the imperfect, messy, albeit entertaining parts of your world. Share footage from a photoshoot, product development, testing kitchen, training, and more!

Show a Before and After

These are especially great for brands that sell results-driven products like hair-growth cream, or lawn care products. If your consumers can be expected to see results, show them just how dramatic the change can be.

Better yet, invite consumers to partake in the challenge of sharing their own before and after shots. Create a contest and pick the best shots; to win a prize or social shoutout.

Share User-Generated Content

Some of the best Instagram pictures come from your consumers! If someone tags you in a post, make sure to reshare it and give them credit.

This will create a domino effect and inspire others to become customers and also share themselves with your #product!

Glossier is a billion-dollar empire that built itself on user-generated content. Some industries that especially thrive on user-generated content include:

  • Beauty
  • Fashion
  • Food
  • Lifestyle

Show an Action Shot

With the world we live in the average attention span is only about three seconds, which is just long enough for a hooking action shot. Action shots are speedy videos that give an overview or glimpse into the bigger picture. This could be a sped-up time-lapse of an artist hard at work, or a brief recipe overview.

Document Your Events

The age of information is here, and it’s time you join. Users love to feel they are immersed in the world of your brand. To secure this emotional connection, you need to do your part in opening up your world to them.

This can easily be done by recording an event such as a launch celebration—share images and videos to your grid, Reels, and Stories to boost engagement. You can also try to film a “day in the life” video.

Getting Creative with Instagram Post Content Ideas

When it comes to innovative Instagram post ideas, it’s all about trial and error. Test out trends and make them your own. Make sure to pay attention to your analytics and see what is working and ride that.

Instagram is extremely saturated so sometimes it’s hard to stand out, but there is still room for everyone. For more marketing tips, check out our blog!