Arthdal Chronicles Season 4 – When Will It on Netflix?


Are you also a fan of Korean drama and web series? Do you like the Arthdal chronicles drama and want to know about its new season?  Well, Korean dramas just reach the heart of people of countries like the USA, UK, and many other countries.

People from all over the world like to watch their concerts and drama series like BTS and other drama series like Arthdal Chronicles. Yes, Arthdal Chronicles is one of the famous Korean drama series which get popular in short time. Till now there are only 3 parts of the series but more to come.

In this article, we are going to discuss the Arthdal Chronicles Season 4 and the things that could happen in the new season. So if you are one of the fans of this show, then its better that you start reading this article carefully.

The previous time, when there is no Netflix, Amazon prime, Disney Hotstar, or any other streaming, many drama series was telecasted in their own countries only. With the introduction of the streaming platforms, many series from different languages got recognized and gets popular in different countries.


Korean drama and series are one of them as their series are usually preferred by the female audience. Now let’s discuss one of the famous series of Korean known as Arthdal Chronicles Season 4. So let’s get started.

What are Arthdal Chronicles about?

Arthdal Chronicles was first premiered in 2019 which is a South Korean series about the mystical land called Arth. The genre of the series is romantic and drama. The name of the main lead character is Eun-Seom, whose motive is to save his tribe from the power holder and at the same name know about his existence and his goals.

There are 3 seasons of this series but the makers tease the audience that there are more seasons to come. The first 3 seasons got popular among the audience and people are eagerly waiting for the Arthdal Chronicles Season 4. Now if you are new to this series, then let us give you some brief description regarding the previous seasons.

Summary About Previous Seasons

Season one

The whole first season revolves around the 3 main characters of the series. One is the Eun-Seom who was born in the land of Arthdal but he was born as a cursed child. His only curse is that he is destined to bring disaster in the lands of Arthdal. His mother did everything to save him and raise but his curse was very strong.

Another character is Tan-ya which is born with the same curse as Eun-Seom and also she was the leader of a tribe called Wahan. The last main character of this season is Ta-Gon who is like a warrior in the Arthdal. He has an ambition of becoming the king of Arthdal as he puts his efforts into making the Arthdal a better place. Will these characters be in Arthdal Chronicles Season 4?

Season Two

In season two, the warrior of Arthdal Ta-Gon fights for the throne. In season two, there was the introduction of new characters which is the rival of the Ta-gon. The names of the new characters are Kim Ji Won and Kim Ok Bin.

The story of the second season revolves around the competition of who will claim the throne and also put some light on the Eun-Seom and Tan-ya who did everything to bring peace on the Arthdal. With these 2 seasons, the expectations of the audience got increased for season 3 and Arthdal Chronicles Season 4.

Season three

In season three, Ta-Gon claims the throne but now Eun-Seom starts to gather the power and make an army of pleasant to fight with Ta-Gon. The whole season revolves around the Eun-Seom gathering the forces and Ta-Gon keeping his half-Neanthal identity secret.

Will there be Arthdal Chronicles Season 4?

As the 3rd season ends, everyone wants to know what will happen in season 4 as the last season ended in suspense. In the starting, there were many rumors regarding the new season, but the makers cleared all the doubts and announced that there will be a new season i.e. season 4.

Now the directors didn’t reveal the plot but the fans of Arthdal Chronicles are very happy after knowing about this news.

What will be the possible plot for season 4?

Now many people are comparing this show with one of the famous drama series in the USA called Game of Thrones.  Now the directors didn’t give any information or hint regarding the Arthdal Chronicles Season 4, but there are some assumptions made by the fans.

According to the fan theory and other experts, we can see the struggle for power in the new season of the Arthdal chronicles. Many secrets will be disclosed and maybe there will be the introduction of the new characters. Let’s hope that the next season will be according to the expectations.


With all the information about the Arthdal Chronicles Season 4 and its previous summaries, we can conclude that there will be many assumptions for the plot of season 4. The directors are trying their best to deliver better seasons and episodes to attract more and more audiences.

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FAQ’s About Arthdal Chronicles Season 4

What stars in Arthdal Chronicles Season 4?

However, the official announcement has not been made yet, but some star cast will return on the screen from the old seasons in Arthdal Chronicles Season 4. It will include the actors’ Song Joong-ki, Kim-JI Won, Kim Ok-Vin, and Jang Dong-gun.

What will you expect in Arthdal Chronicles Season 4?

If you have seen season 3, the show starts with Tanya weighed down with the welcome that Arthdal gives her. Season 4 will solve the unsolved threads of season 3 and show the struggle of Arthdal.

Did the Makers begin the production for season 4?

Arthdal Chronicles Season 4 will back soon on Netflix. However, the makers have not shared any official statement on production, cast, and even about shooting. Thus, we can’t say anything for sure. The reason for this delay is the Coronavirus pandemic that has messed everything.

What is the actual release date of Arthdal Chronicles Season 4?

We will update you soon on this as the official statement comes out from the makers. However, it’s hard to predict the date. As per sources, season 4 will back in July 2021 on Netflix. So, you will need to wait for next month. And if it’s not there, you can expect this show by the end of this year 2020 or early in 2022.

Is Arthdal Chronicles a real story?

It is a Korean drama directed by Kim won-suk and written by Kim young-Hyun and park Sang-Yeon. The show explains the story of Arthdal and his struggle and grows up. While Ta-gon is a war hero who struggles to become the first king of Arthdal, Tan-Ya lives in the highest honor but struggles to become a politician.

Why did Arthdal Chronicles stop?

Arthdal season 1 was the biggest hit on Netflix, and makers came with season 2 on June 22, 2019. The season 3 was also blockbuster HIT on Netflix, released in 2019 September.  Thus fans are eagerly waiting for season 4 and searching all day about its latest updates.

However, the makers have not confirmed the cast and its release date. The makers started their production in June 2020. But, unfortunately, they have to stop production due to a coronavirus outbreak.

Were the Arthdal Chronicles Cancelled?

No!  Arthdal Chronicles Season 4 will come back on Netflix by July 2021 or by the end of this year. Though, the release date has not been confirmed. But the makers had started their shooting which unfortunately stops now.