MacBook 12in M7 – Specifications and Features you should know about


The MacBook 12in M7 delivers impressive performance for those ready to invest in a premium machine. Because of incomparable battery life and high durability, it has garnered loyal users.

The MacBook 12in M7 is the best and most well-known Apple device and is selling as a hot cake. The machine is highly stable and easily handles any given set of tasks. This 12-inch model offers fast processing speed with its unique 2.6GHz Intel Core M7 processor.

The screen size is perfect, and binge-watching movies and videos shall be an eye-pleasing experience. Today, we will present various descriptive features that will let you understand whether you should invest in this generation of MacBooks.


If you are planning to check out the MacBook 12in M7, it is crucial that you first know about its specifications. Unless you know about its properties, you will have difficulty understanding whether it will suit your needs. So, to help you, we have charted out the most critical specifications. Let’s take a look:

Screen Size          12 inches
Operating System          Mac OS X
Video Card          Intel HD graphics 615
Processor          1.3 Ghz Intel Core m7
Battery Life          10-11 hours
RAM          8GB
Resolution         2304 x 1440
Color         Silver, Gold, and Space Gray
Friont Camera         480p FaceTime camera
Storage         256/512 GB SSD

MacBook 12in M7 – Top Features To Look Out For

The MacBook 12in M7 is quite different from the previous generation of MacBook in terms of features and specifications. And they are described below in detail.

1. Display Scale And Resolution

There is a minor difference between the 15-inch and 12-inch screens. The audit screen tends to serve many distinct functions and roles. The MacBook12 in M7 Pro is solely built with IPS Retina Display for visual modification and video communication.

The maximum brightness works well both indoors and outdoors. However, users might be able to see their shadows, distracting the view to an extent. That said, the 300 nits brightness is more than enough if you can let the MacBook stay out of straight sunlight vision.

Both long-term and newly registered Apple product customers tend to pick out the 12-inch MacBook to meet up with their daily tasks. However, this particular laptop is best for people searching for a machine to do word or email processing work every day.

2. Battery And Its Runtime

The 6-Cell Lithium-Polymer battery lasts longer than its normal capacity and is a significant upgrade compared to its predecessor. The all-day battery life makes it easy to stay online and connect. The battery has been tested to last ten hours or more, depending on your daily usage.

3. Storage Capacity

The MacBook12 in M7 has varied storage space capacity, and it gets categorized based on the color you pick in the first place. Both the silver and space grey-colored ones host 256GB of hard drive space by default.

As a second option, you can increase the storage capacity to 512GB per your need. Also, by default, 8GB RAM gets included as well. If you plan to use the laptop extensively, increasing the RAM capacity to 16GB is highly recommended.

4. The Ultimate Processor

The processor is integral to any computer and decides the machine’s longevity. The MacBook12 in M7 comes with a 2.6GHz processor, and it helps run the laptop smoothly irrespective of the kind of storage or RAM capacity you had picked up. This fast processor is suitable for any workload.

5. Weight And Durability

This MacBook remains slim in terms of shape and light in terms of weight. The two-pound weight has been evenly distributed in and around the MacBook, letting you carry them easily and extensively.

Should You Consider Buying The MacBook 12in M7?

By now, you must have a clear-cut view of the features and specifications of the MacBook 12in M7. Yet, deciding whether to go for it or not can feel confusing. To help you, we have compiled this below-mentioned information.

  • The price of a brand new and sealed MacBook 12 laptop costs between 300$ to 400$. Given its high presence in the market, you can still get one from a reselling website as well. Investing in a used MacBook might sound risky. So, if you are about to pick one, ensure the machine is still under warranty.
  • People looking out for a portable laptop must pick this MacBook version without a doubt. The entire laptop has been uniquely designed to sit perfectly on a backpack or bag. The one-hand operation also makes it possible to hold the laptop opened or closed for long hours.
  • If video editing, gaming, and media consumption are your priorities, then increase the storage and RAM space too. The default specification shall certainly meet with easy usage capacities like web browsing, video consumption, and word processing.
  • If you have invested in external hard drives, printers, and other forms of equipment, then double-check their compatibility levels with the MacBook. Some of them can instantly connect, while for others, you might have to invest in separate connectors that are a bit costly.


The MacBook 12in M7 lacks memory and processing power, as it was not initially designed to handle highly demanding operations like coding and 4K video editing.

This machine is still a beast and can meet such demands; if the storage and RAM spaces are upgraded accordingly. Give it a try, and you will never regret getting this version of the MacBook.

Until next time, take care!