Is Macbook 12in M7 Expensive? Find the Answer


A lot of Laptops are present in the market with lots of features and specifications. If you are looking for the best and top features laptop for yourself, then you may often get puzzled by watching thousands of options in front of you.

But if you are only giving you’re focused on the best specifications and features, then we would like to suggest you buy MacBook 12in m7.

Currently, this is one of the most popular and demanded a laptop among the audience. And you can also experience better working every time by simply having this gadget in your house.

However, a lot of people are also questioning the price range of the MacBook 12in m7. People are also pointing out that the budget of the Laptop is much higher in comparison with other laptops in the market.


If you are interested to find out the answer to whether the laptop is expensive or not then find out the answer quickly.

Specifications of MacBook 12in m7

The major focus of the Laptop is all of its features and specifications. Each one of the things has made the product much more convenient and worthwhile a gadget to buy. Let’s quickly find out about all of the major specifications that made the product outstanding and impressive.

1. Display Resolution and Scale

You can find out a slight difference between a 13-inch and a 15-inch display. However, talking about this particular product then, it has been made for giving several purposes. At the same time, it also offers a lot of different types of functions and even a variety of Roles as well.

Specifically, this particular Laptop is made for both audio and video communication. And if you have to work for several hours in front of your desktop or Laptop, then we will suggest you buy the Laptop.

2. Storage

The Other major specification of the Laptop is storage capacity. A lot of color variations are also available, which you can select for yourself. The Laptop comes with a 256GB hard drive. However, you can also get other additional storage for this particular Laptop to use.

Initially, all the users can also get 8GB RAM with CPU. Therefore you can use the Laptop for various purposes and can store a lot of your personal and professional documents.

3. Battery Runtime

Not only battery runtime is another more significant feature of a laptop. If you are working on your Laptop for several hours, then you can observe both the positive and negative points.

However, talking about this particular Laptop then, you can work freely and for several hours continuously very smoothly. It has very strong battery power.

Besides that, the battery capacity of the Laptop is 41.4 WH. However, by giving the full charge to the Laptop, you can work many hours continuously, which can be beneficial for you for both your personal and professional work.

Hence if you are looking for a full battery runtime specification for a particular laptop, then this is going to be the ideal option for you.

4. Audio and Video

Another ideal and best specification of the Laptop is for making audio and video communication. The main purpose of the Laptop to serve all of its customers is by providing high-quality audio and video features.

Therefore, if you have to make a lot of video calls regularly for your professional work, then this particular Laptop is going to be the best option for you.

A 3.5mm jack for the headset is also available with this particular Laptop, and it has come with a 480p display. You can actually enjoy both high-quality audio and video communication with all of your clients and other people very smoothly.

The display Of the Laptop also offers a very high-quality resolution and experience for all buyers as well.

5. Miscellaneous

Besides that, talking about other specifications or Miscellaneous about the Laptop then, it has come with 41-watt lithium. It has also come with a 5 Mbps USB-C port. It is also available with a 29W power adapter.

In fact, both the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth feature are also present in the Laptop, which can enhance your experience every time. On the other side, the dual display capacity is another more attractive function of the Laptop.

Besides that, the backlit LED keyboard also makes the Laptop much more interesting and popular audience. Therefore these are the top best specifications and features of the product, and initially, all of these things make the product the best.

Is MacBook 12in m7 expensive?

There is a lot of confusion going on in the mind of people be for buying the Laptop for themselves about the price. People are also claiming the budget of the Laptop is much higher than the other laptops in the market.

As we all know, a maximum number of Apple products have come with a very high amount of price, and for the commoners, it is not possible to buy the products.

In fact, the price range for the particular Macbook laptop is $500. Obviously, the price for the Laptop is much higher than the regular laptops. But talking about the features and the specifications of the Laptop are much more advanced and unique, increase the price initially.

Advantages of MacBook 12in m7

Moreover, before buying the Laptop for yourself, you need to also find out the advantages of this Macbook laptop. Let us have a quick look at each one of the advantages in detail.

  • The first advantage is that the battery life of the Laptop is very Excellent.
  • All of the users can use the Laptop for at least 12 hours continuously without using any power adaptor.
  • The Laptop has offered an excellent and wonderful resolution.
  • The webcam of the Laptop is available in 480p resolution.
  • Talking about the keyboard then, it is also very much easy to use, and it comes with a backlit LED Full-size keyboard.
  • And the last best feature about the Laptop is that it comes with a 4.0 Bluetooth connection and it is easily connectable with other devices.


This is the whole information that you need to know about MacBook 12in m7. All of these special and unique features make the Laptop much more interesting and demandable.


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