Is KissAnime Down? Review Guide Of Top KissAnime Alternatives


With time & popularity, the anime industry has grown so well for the last two decades. Everyone around the world is surprised to find out why anime is being so popular. There are several platforms such as Kissanime, Myanimelist or Crunchyroll that have become new entertainment sources for various fans. Well, we think that storyboarding is the real reason behind this.

It is the traditional way of anime production that totally makes the character design, storyline, backgrounds, or voice so magnificent. There are different story styles that you can even imagine in the popular range of anime. This unique style of depiction by animators makes it popular and unique. In this article we are going to talk in detail about Kissanime platform & its top alternatives.

Know More About Kiss Anime

Many people came across popular anime shows or movies at the time of lockdown. Kissanime was one of the most popular anime streaming platforms which was absolutely free. It is famous among millions of users all around the world. It offers diverse or latest anime genres.

Kissanime website was started in the year 2012 so that every anime user can download the trending anime movies or series for free without paying any premium access. But unexpectedly due to some copyright issues, it was banned in 2020 which was in the recent past. It was shut down immediately. It served millions of users with all the latest upcoming or old series for more than 8 long years.


Can you download the KissAnime app?

With the rising craze of anime watching online the anime lovers used to download their favorite shows or episodes from different free apps or websites. They find it easier if they can keep these movies or series online on their tablets or smartphones instead of desktops. Shows on our smartphones or tablets are much more accessible or can be watched anytime. Desktops can’t be carried everywhere that generates the use of a mobile app. Kissanime website is also available to its users in the form of an app.

Now every person can watch their episodes with the help of the Kissanime app on android mobile devices. Let’s find out how to download the Kissanime app for your smartphones with a few simple steps.

  • Download Kissanime APK software for mobile devices.
  • You need to allow the download from unknown sources to get a downloadable file of the app easily. Otherwise, you might not get the online file for the mobile app.
  • Then select the download option on the browser’s settings to find your recent downloaded file.
  • Tap on the APK file to install the Kissanime app on your mobile device.
  • Launch the application to start browsing the show.

Features Of KissAnime

There were various features of the Kissanime website that could have made any user a die-hard fan of that platform. Here we are going to explain to you various features that were quite popular to make it more accessible for anime lovers.

  • The easiest & user-friendly website design.
  • Finding your favorite series or movies is no more painful.
  • Most used language formats were available with proper subtitle files.
  • You can access this website in the form of an app on your smartphone.
  • Enjoy all the content with free streaming with most large anime libraries.
  • You can get all variations in picture quality like HD, standard, 1080p, or many more.
  • A lot of genres were available to provide a wide variety to choose from like fiction, fantasy, romance, adventure, etc.

Why Is KissAnime Down?

After offering a reliable source of entertainment for more than 8 long years to millions of anime fans all around the globe, Kissanime was considered a pirated site, and the domain of .com got shut down by the official content holders.

Even after serving a wide range of anime to its users for a long time, it was disallowed by the strict piracy laws of Japan in a stand of original content holders. The website says in an official message that files that were there on the website are turned down on Kissanime by copyright laws. No more online content will be available from now on. They even thanked all the users for their support.

Even shutting down of popular anime sites, Japan laws make it difficult for any paid subscription sites like crunchyroll, Netflix or more for any browsing services

Is KissAnime Safe to Use?

Yes, Kissanime is completely safe to browse free anime episodes. But there is the only risk that you need to keep in check while using this website. Always keep an active antivirus plan on your mobile devices or desktops. It will indicate you from any threat or if your computer is on the verge of catching any malware.

Or there is one more trick you can do using VPN services while using these sites to remove any virus threats.

Is Using KissAnime Is Illegal?

KissAnime browsing is not legal in most countries but in some places it is legal. There are different opposing theories regarding anime free surfing sites.

If you are using any anime content online like watching or downloading there is no such offense against you. But when we talk about content with copyright claim that you should pay for such content according to the laws. Distribution of such content online for free then it will be considered an offense.

If you use such websites in order to download popular anime shows then it can cause infringement of copyright issues. But if we look at the variety they provide no one is able to control the urge of binge-watching for free.

Essentials ForKissAnime Extension Download

Kissanime comes with a Google Chrome extension. If you are using Chrome you can get Kissanime’s best anime experience. But there are some essentials you need to figure out before using the Kissanime extension.

During installing the extension, find all the settings options in the extension menu. You will find an option to make certain options on or off on the settings. These include ad-blocking facilities, bookmark options, social media, or comment sections.

The essentials you need for installing the extension are a Pinned box for bookmarking any anime on your website page, Airing List, Myanimelist search, or playback rate slider. You will be amused to find that list of your favorite anime you bookmarked with the left click in the extension.

How To Use KissAnime Proxy & Mirror Sites

Due to the ban on the Kissanime website because of multiple copyright issues. Now there are various websites available on google search engine pages. You can address them with proxy websites or lookalike websites with the same content.

We can’t say they are safe to use as compared to Kissanime. But they currently exist as the center of attraction for many anime users.

No doubt that these proxy websites can’t stay for long as these are not official websites like Kissanime. But they are providing every latest anime series like Kissanime alternatives. So while using such sites beware of entering any personal or private information such as email or card details.

List Of Best KissAnime Alternatives Online

Kissanime is considered illegal or unsafe in most of the countries of the world. This is the reason when you browse Kissanime in those particular countries, browsers detect those IPs and block the website browsing. But there are still some great options online through which you can watch your favorite anime shows or movies for free without any IP blocking.

Here is the list of the top 15 Kissanime alternatives in 2021:

1. Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll is the most popular and valid alternative to Kissanime among all anime lovers. It was founded in 2006 in the United States. If you are someone who is not willing to take a paid anime subscription then you can watch free anime on Crunchyroll for 14 days. It is a total legal site as there are monthly or annually charges involved for the shows.

The whole website is updated regularly with the latest anime episodes or movies in HD quality. No doubt, a paid subscription is available for the users so that they can upgrade their accounts for premium membership.

This platform is widely present on all the devices like android, iOS, Roku devices, Amazon Fire TV, or more.

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2. Gogo Anime

Gogo Anime is the best Kissanime alternative available online for free. You can browse for different genres or the latest anime on these platforms. Go anime offers you different anime lists, new seasons, movies, or popular Kissanime shows on Gogo anime. This anime platform gives you the chance of watching Anime online without any registration.

They include subtitles or dubbed shows for the audience of most countries. The genres like action, gaming, fantasy, old anime, adventure, or many more are present on this site. While streaming this website, you don’t need to worry about pop-up ads. So, you can search for your series & start searching.

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3. Anime Frenzy

Anime Frenzy is the popular Kissanime alternative for safe browsing of anime content. The whole website design is interactive to the users. Anime lovers will be amazed to find such a similar website with all the latest updated content. You can even search for some particular show if you want to on the available search bar.

Just sign up on the website and confirm your account to sign in. All the latest shows, Hentai, or dubbed series with synchronized captions are available. You can even request for any show which is missing from the series to enjoy the smooth navigation or undisturbed entertainment.

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4. Chia-Anime

Chia-Anime is one of those platforms on which any manga or anime reader loves to spend time. It is the best Kissanime alternative while browsing for anime online. You can visit Chia-Anime & start searching for your favorite series on the search bar. This website does not disturb you with continuous advertisements pop-ups.

Great picture quality is available for different trending websites. We know that it does not have an entire collection like Kissanime. But there are still various great shows available from 2007. You don’t need to register on the Chia-Anime website for viewing content. Save up your favorite shows by downloading them online.

5. AnimeFreak

Animefreak is the popular anime library and competitive Kissanime alternative. All the shows have been of great picture quality. You do not need to pay any registration costs. Now for any premium content, you don’t have to pay additional costs.

The interface of the website Animefreak is easy to navigate along with no streaming delay. There are different genres like science, fiction, drama, or many more that can keep you tied-up with this website for a long time. You can just click on your favorite show & choose the episode you want to see. This way you can enjoy streaming without any restriction.

6. Animedao

Find yourself the best collection of anime ever with the platform named Animedao. It is the best Kissanime alternative with free anime streaming. You will see very few ads while using this website or you can use ad blocker as well. There is a great catalog with a wide variety of popular anime available to choose from.

If you won’t find any particular genre don’t be hesitant just type for it. The interface is quite easy to use with bright color visual picture quality.

If there is any anime present in Japanese you get an option of choosing English subtitles along with it.

7. AnimeHeaven

AnimeHeaven is the best Kissanime alternative with hundreds of anime episodes for no extra cost. It is one of the most secure and customer-friendly sites where you can start watching shows instantly. You will get the finest quality view. There are various genres that are crafted in different sections. You can easily find your favorite shows without getting confused or lost. If you want to download the movies or series just click the download button.

There are various perks you can enjoy such as no registration, English subtitles, high quality & the best collection. Enjoy your online anime streaming on your mobile devices today.

8. Netflix

Netflix is the most popular binge-watching platform that offers you popular and all-time Anime shows. You do not need to search for the popular ones Netflix has them all. Get your 30-day free trial after registering with your email account. The safest and secure platform to watch movies. The interface is adaptable according to your mobile devices, tablets, or desktops.

You can get a premium membership that helps you in availing all the best features of Netflix. The picture quality is outstanding with better mainstream shows. All the shows are available in their original formats in Japanese as well as with English subtitles.

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9. Anime Streams

While searching for the extraordinary library of all the manga and anime series if you come across Anime Streams then you are at the right place. The best place to vibe with the latest trending movies. Anime Streams are the great Kissanime alternatives.

The interactive design of Anime Streams is great as compared to other platforms. You can browse different shows from the list of initials. You do not need to pay extra money for watching the latest shows. There are various categories that you can use to choose from. You can also search for the ones you prefer to match according to your taste.

10. Anilinkz

Talking about Kissanime alternatives you can’t forget about the most known platform called Anilinkz. It is a great choice for people when a website like Kissanime gets shut down. The interface is nothing much fancy. All the information regarding the website is mentioned online.

You will see a lot of categories in anime series with great picture quality. Both the dubbed and original Japan language series are present. There will be the latest and trending content every month on the website. No need for registration along with fewer ads.


Masteranime is another great option to consider. This website indulges you so properly with its breathtaking responsive design that truly enjoys your anime-watching experience. No registration is required to watch your favorite shows. The anime lovers can just freely browse the whole website. The most important thing that you require while streaming is the updated version of the flash player otherwise you will end up with no anime downloads.

The navigation system is quite easy and simple. Everybody can understand the whole interface in seconds without any help. Just search the website and start enjoying your favorite shows.

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FAQs Regarding KissAnime

How to use AdblockOnKissanime?

Adblock is an application or can be used in the form of browser extension when activated on free streaming platforms like Kissanime can block continuous ad displays. You need to adjust the settings of the AdBlock to disable all the advertisements on online websites or applications.  It will disable all the popups you receive online.

Will KissAnime come back in 2021?

After the official announcement of shutting down Kissanime in 2020, the website hasn’t returned till now. There is no such news of the Kissanime domain right now in the upcoming future. Even different proxy websites or alternatives are available if you want to stream free anime shows or movies.

What happened to kissanime?

The main site,, was shut down in the year 2020. It was shut down under copyright or piracy laws. The whole website is currently inactive and doesn’t appear to be coming back. The fans were angry because of the immediate shutdown and they do not have any other Kissanime replacement.

Are there any Kissanime alternatives?

If you are looking for another alternative to Kissanime, there is a whole list that we have jotted above for you in the article. But Gogoanime is the perfect option for any anime fan. As it is easy to browse without any paid premium accounts. Just look for the thousands of shows or series on the site with HD picture quality & start watching.

What are risks regarding free kissanime websites?

While browsing these websites as there are no such risks involved that can harm you. The only risk that is involved in such websites is the virus threats to your desktops in ad pop-ups. If you click those ads it can severely damage your laptops or mobile devices.


People have always been fans of anime. Kissanime is one of the best places for them to find the latest anime series or movies. It was a wide platform with a huge anime library with HD plus quality.

But when it’s gone now, you can use some of the best Kissanime alternatives as well to watch your favorite shows online. Do let us know in the comment section which platform is one of your new favorites to get your amazing popular shows.

Share this article with your friends, family, or any anime lovers you know so that they can keep on enjoying anime.

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