Inside Joyce Meyer House in Missouri


Joyce Meyer is a popular speaker at Christian conferences and events. She has written over 100 books and living a lavish lifestyle in Missouri. You will be amazed to have a look inside Joyce Meyer’s House. Her house is luxurious and a symbol of a traditional lifestyle.

She is known for her practical teaching style, using personal anecdotes and real-life examples to illustrate biblical principles. She is actively involved in charitable work and humanitarian efforts around the world.

Who is Joyce Meyer?

Joyce Meyer is a Christian author, motivational speaker, Preacher, and Bible teacher. She was born in St. Louis, Missouri, and is the founder of Joyce Meyer Ministries. Her ministry focuses on helping people understand the Bible and apply its teachings to their lives.

Full Name Pauline Joyce Hutchison
Given Name Joyce
Date of Birth June 4, 1943
Birth Place St. Louis, Missouri
Nationality American
Language English
Marital Status Married
Husband’s Name Dave Meyer
Net Worth $8 million

Inside Joyce Meyer House

Joyce Meyer’s house is in Eureka, Missouri, a suburb of St. Louis. Her house is spacious and luxurious, boasting over 8,000 square feet of living space, with five bedrooms and 5.5 bathrooms. It was built in 2006 on more than an acre of land.


The exterior is made of stone and features a traditional design. The house has four fireplaces and a finished basement. Outside is a pool and two outdoor spaces – a patio and a deck. It has both a carport and an attached garage.

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Joyce Meyer’s Lavish House in Missouri Specification

No of Bedrooms 5
No of Bathrooms 5.5
Price $1.6 million
Area in Square Feet 8,314 sq. ft
House Address Stonewall Dr, Eureka, MO 63025
Year of Build 2006

Photos: Joyce Meyer House

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Photo of Inside Joyce Meyer House
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Joyce Meyer’s Lavish House: A Look at Her Lifestyle

Joyce Meyer owns a private Gulfstream IV jet and a 2002 Lexus SC sports car. Jet’s cost is $ 10 million. It has a room for two pilots and nineteen passengers. The cruising speed of the Jet is Mach 0.85. She has a. The top of the car is retractable. The estimated value of the sports car is $53,000.

Joyce Meyer was publicly criticized for using ministry funds to purchase a private jet, a sports car, and other luxuries.

Joyce Meyer Husband

After college, Meyer married a part-time car salesman before meeting her second husband. But their marriage did not last long. Her marriage lasted for only five years. She states that her husband was a habitual cheater and stole payroll checks from her employer, which they used to fund a trip to California. She claims to have eventually returned the money years later.

Following her divorce, she frequented nearby bars until she met an engineering draftsman named Dave Meyer.

Later, she married Dave Meyer on January 7, 1967. He had a positive impact on her and helped her calm down. He is also involved in ministry and has served as a pastor, evangelist, and teacher. The couple got married in 1967 and became parents to four children. Dave Meyer is working in charitable work through Joyce Meyer Ministries.

Joyce Meyer Career

While going to work one day, she claims to have heard God call her name when she was praying intensely. She started teaching Bible lessons at a restaurant and became involved in a Pentecostal church called Fenton’s Life Christian Center.

Within a few years, she became an associate pastor there, and her Bible lessons became well-known, making her church very popular. She started a daily radio show called “Life in the Word” and later expanded to television with her husband’s encouragement. Her TV show, “Enjoying Everyday Life,” first aired in Chicago.

Meyer has written around 100 books translated into over 100 languages and reached over 12 million readers. She has become one of “The New York Times” bestselling authors due to the high demand for her books and positive feedback from readers and critics.

Final Words

Joyce Meyer has influenced the lives of countless people, and her teachings continue to inspire and encourage individuals to pursue personal growth and spiritual development.

Through her books, television programs, and speaking engagements, Joyce Meyer has helped millions of people to overcome their fears. She earns a handsome income and lives a lavish lifestyle in her House in Missouri.

Frequently Asked Question(FAQs)

How much is Joyce Meyer’s net worth?

Joyce Meyer’s Net Worth is $8 million.

What is the full name of Joyce Meyer?

Joyce Meyer’s full name is Pauline Joyce Hutchison.

Which ministry is founded by Joyce Meyer?

She founded “Life in the Word,” a ministry in 1985.