Jan Ashley Wiki: Bio, Age, Height, Controversy And Relationship


Jan Ashley has become a trending name on the internet, but she is better known as the ex-wife of a billionaire and famous personality Robert Kardashian.

She likes media attention, so she stays in the news. If you are looking for information about her, including her personal life and other related facts, check out the article.

Jan Ashley also known as Jan Ashley Kardashian, and tell you some exciting facts about Jan and her ex-husband. So, start reading!!

Who is Jan Ashley?

Jan Ashley is the ex-wife of a billionaire and late attorney named Robert Kardashian. She’s Robert Kardashian’s second wife; before that, she was the widow of John Ashley. She seems like an ordinary woman, but her Kardashian feuds make her famous worldwide.


She is a Hebrew name that means “God is Gracious” or “Gift from God.” Jan is famous for her bold statement and head-on fight with the Kardashian family. Her information about Khloe Kardashian, that she’s not the biological child of Robert Kardashian, made some headlines.

Facts related to Jan Ashley Kardashian

Full Name Jan Ashley
Nickname Jan
Birthday August 3, 1948
Age 73
Birthplace Kansas, USA
Profession Television personality and Celebrity wife
Nationality American
Religion Christian
Hometown Kansas
Education Qualification Graduate
High School Local Elementary School in the United States
College/ University Local College in the United States
Net Worth $2 million
Marital Status Divorced
Spouses John Ashley (unknown-1997)

Robert Kardashian sr. (November 1998-December 1998)

Height 5 Feet 6 inches

Jan Ashley Early Life

Jan Ashley Kardashian was born in 1949 in the United States and died when she was 73 years old. Jan Ashley came from a typical family with a normal lifestyle until she married billionaire Robert Kardashian Sr.

She became famous when she married Robert for 30 days, as during that time, she became the center of attraction for the media and gained immense popularity. Therefore, it adds to her income and net worth after the divorce.

Jan Ashley’s relationships

John Ashley (Ex-Husband)

Before Jan was married to billionaire Robert; she was married to actor, producer, and singer John Ashley. John was born on December 25, 1934, in Kansas City, USA. In 1957, he started his film career and married Jan Ashley.

The marriage date is not revealed yet, but Jan was John’s third wife, and the couple had no kids. John’s first and second wife’s names were Deborah Walley and Nancy Moore. John was known to produce horror movies in the Philippines.

However she was also famous for his singing talent, but unfortunately, he died in New York due to a heart attack.

Robert Kardashian Sr. (Ex-Husband)

Robert Kardashian Sr. belongs to a rich family; by profession, he is an attorney and businessman. He co-founded companies like Trade publications, Radio, and Records. He also invested in a musical company called Movie Tune, in which his position was CEO and president.

Rob Kardashian’s ex-wife

Jan met him in 1998 while selling her house. Robert asks John Ashley’s friend to introduce him to Jan. Robert and Jan dated for seven months, and in the end, they decided to get married.

They tied the knot in Vail, Colorado, but after a month, they annulled the marriage in December reason unknown. Jan was 49 when they separated, and the divorce created headlines for many newspapers and magazines.

Before Jan, Robert was married to Kris Kardashian (Kris Jenner) and had four children. All four children are widespread and together. Jan blamed the kids for the dissolution of the marriage and thought that the kids were responsible for Robert’s mental condition.

After the divorce, Robert Kardashian Sr. married Ellen Pierson in 2003.

Jan Ashley’s Net Worth

Jan Ashley’s net worth is approximately $22 million before her demise. Her source of income was through brand endorsement, social media promotions, and other projects. She is known for controversies after her divorce and became a television personality.

Being a wife of a billionaire proves to be a fortune for Jan, and she gains popularity and money out of it.

Jan Ashley Social media platform

Jan Ashley became a famous personality, and people believed she would be on social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Unfortunately, people would be disappointed to know that no social media accounts are present in the name of Jan Ashley.

She likes to stay away from the modern world of social media, so she’s not available on any of the platforms.

Jan Ashley controversy

Jan Ashley targeted Robert’s kid, i.e., Khloe Kardashian says that she is not the biological daughter of Robert Kardashian. Ellen made a claim, and Jan said Robert told her these things together.

However, Robert Kardashian Sr. presented the documents of the divorce from his first wife. It is stated that he had four biological children, i.e., Kourtney, Kimberly, Khloe, and Rob Kardashian.

Khloe avenged Jan Ashley by questioning her identity on Twitter and saying no one could break the Kardashian bond.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

What was Jan Ashley’s Profession?

She was well-connected with ad agencies and had thousands of followers. Therefore, she worked as a promoter and social media personality. She gained followers when she was in the controversy of marrying a billionaire for 30 days.

How did Jan Ashley die?

There’s no news about Jan’s death mentioned on the internet. However, it is believed that she died at 73 due to natural death, i.e., while sleeping. There’s no confirmation of her death.

Does Jan have any children?

No, Jan Ashley didn’t have any children of their own. When she married John Ashley, John already had children, but the couple didn’t have any. The same thing happened with Robert Kardashian Sr., as Robert already got four children but none with Jan Ashley.

Did Jan present on any social media platforms?

No, Jan always resisted social media’s digital world and decided to stay away from these things. The readers won’t find anything related to her social media platforms.

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