How Do I Check My Walmart Points At Home? Read This Guide!


Do you want to know how you can check your Walmart points? Many users on the internet are looking for solutions of how do I check my Walmart points at home but they couldn’t find anything useful.

Well, it’s time to solve your problem as here, we will tell you everything related to the Walmart points and how you can check them while sitting at home. So, let’s check it out.

What are the Walmart attendance points?

Walmart operates 24 hours and all day which means they have several staff working for them. Therefore, Walmart uses attendance points to track absences and lateness.

It records the number of present employees and keeps lateness and uninformed absences into consideration.


How are attendance points calculated?

Walmart has its way of calculating the whole attendance point system. Every employee must punch in their attendance before starting work and when leaving the store. The punch in the system is done by the online GTA time clock system.

With the help of the attendance points, the manager can keep a check on the employee’s performance and check out their late arrivals, early leaves, unreported absence, and skipping of shifts. However, many people want to know how do I check my Walmart points at home.

Before that, let’s check out Walmart’s calculations of attendance points.

  • 15 minutes to 2 hours late- ½ points
  • Missing half a shift- 1 point
  • Uninformed absence- 2 points
  • Leaving early- ½ points

An employee with 5 months within six months will have to face termination as per the company’s policy.

How Do I Check My Walmart Points At Home?

The good news is that you can check your Walmart points while sitting at home. You need to login to the Walmart associate account to check your six-month points. On the account, you can check all the details related to the absents or late coming.

You can also check the points by using the phone. Contact the Walmart Disability service or Leave service at any time to keep a record of your points. The contact number is 800-492-5678.

Customer service will call you back with all the details related to the points and absences.

How many Walmart points can you earn before getting fired?

If you are an employee of Walmart for more than 6 months, you can get 5 points before termination. However, if you joined the store recently, then the maximum number of points you can earn is 4 points. You can also check out their policies about the leave of absence policy or firing and termination policy.


Now you know how do I check my Walmart points at home, so keep a check on your Walmart points and see where you stand. You can check out the points in the Time section along with different options that can help them to perform better in the store.

It will help you keep a check on the acceptable limits so that you won’t have to face termination or any other punishment.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

How do I report an absence?

If your health is not well and couldn’t attend your shift, then you need to login to your Walmart Association account and fill in all the details related to the absenteeism. You need to fill in the columns like your identity, ID number, and the reason for the absence.

In the six months, the associates can get 9 recorded absences. Leaves for the reason of bereavement, pregnancy, FMLA leave, and Medical accommodation don’t add up to the points in your account.

You need to report your absence at the One Walmart website.

How often do points reset at Walmart?

Walmart points don’t last forever as after six months, your account got cleared and everything got reset by the store manager. Any associate who got 5 points within 6 months gets terminated.

How many points is a missed day at Walmart?

The Walmart calculation system is different from other stores. If you missed a shift at Walmart, then 1 point will be added to your account. However, leaving the shift early or coming late will add ½ points. Therefore, the employees need to be careful and constantly check their accounts for points.

How do attendance points work at Walmart?

Attendance points have merits and demerits if you reach 5 points in 6 months, then you have to face termination. You can check out your points by contacting the Walmart Leave service center at any time at (800) 492-5678.

If the employees have good attendance records, then they will get rewarded too. The employees can get bonuses and can go as high as 25%. Therefore, it is important to check out the records constantly.

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