Best Titanium Rewards Card


Titanium is one of the most reliable and strong materials used in making various industrial products. Titanium acts as a symbol of strength due to its impenetrable form. Why then don’t you have this reliable and robust metal in your wallet. Shopping has never been made easier than with the best titanium rewards card. The credit card is ideal as it gives you ten times more reward points any time you spend a dollar from different shopping outlets. You can use the credit card either online or in stores to shop for anything you wish and earn reward points in return. With this card, you are guaranteed safety and quality goods even when you shop online.

Why Should You Own a Titanium Rewards Card?

Your love for shopping has been taken care of since you get ten times the points of what you purchase for every dollar you spend from the store, either locally or foreign. These points are helpful since they can be converted to travel miles, where 10 points can be converted to four miles. The more you use the credit card, the more points you earn, which helps reduce the travel money using the convertible points.

Exclusive Offers from A Titanium Reward Card

Having a titanium card can help you live the luxurious life of your choice. You get a cash rebate of the money you spend to earn points from shopping. These points are essential as you can use them during traveling, in petrol stations or even redeem them for shopping. The best titanium rewards card is tied to a variety of retailers and therefore gives you the freedom to buy from a variety of choices any time you feel like it.

How To Become Eligible to Receive the Titanium Rewards Card?


To become eligible for a titanium rewards card, you must be 21 years of age and above and have an annual income of not less than $30,000 for Singaporeans and $45,000 for foreigners. A member will part with a $192.6 annual fee to cater for the titanium card; however, it is waived for the first two years. After the two years, as long as you spend more than $10000, the annual fee remains waived for the other years.

Can You Get Two Cards?

Titanium Rewards card comes in two colors which are blue and pink. The cards are treated separately, meaning that you can apply for the two cards simultaneously. When you reach the limits when using the blue card, you can continue using the pink card and still earn some bonus. The two cards can help you accumulate more points which translates to more miles per year. The rewards are valid for two years before they can expire in your account.

The reliability of titanium makes it useful for many forms of industrialization. The best titanium rewards card is beneficial to its holders as it simplifies the shopping hassle and motivates holders through issuing points. It is one of the highest rewarding credit cards, thereby allowing users to acquire the card and experience more benefits.