Rolex Luxury Timepiece: Exploring The Rolex Explorer Collection II


We are fortunate to have the benefit of choosing the best brand of luxury wristwatch best suits our fashion statements and needs. Like most of the luxury wristwatch manufacturers nowadays are everywhere, and you can purchase your timepiece online. However, only a few can deliver the best quality and designs of a wristwatch.

One of the paramount in terms of watchmaking is the brand Rolex. It is one of the most respected brands of luxury wristwatches worldwide for producing the best quality and diverse options of wristwatches. Rolex Explorer II is one of the most notable from all of their collections and is recommended by most watch enthusiasts for regular use or investments.

About Rolex Explorer II

Rolex Explorer II is one of the many collections Rolex offers to the public. This collection mainly focuses on specific individuals that have an active lifestyle. Although this collection is primarily bought for its features, the design is still sophisticated as most of these wristwatches are made with exquisite polished finishes by the best and most respected watchmakers.

This collection of wristwatches is popular because of its unique features that are best used in certain activities. It is designed to cater to most of your extreme activities like hiking, mountain climbing, swimming, and many more because of its revolutionary resistance features. These features include shock and scratch resistance, water-resistance, and a lot more.

Rolex Explorer II price may come as one of the most expensive things you are considering buying, but it rests assured that you will be getting your money’s worth. You can wear this kind of wristwatch, even on a regular day, because of its top-notch quality. You can even sell it for a higher price in the next few years if you are into investing.

One of this collection’s main goals is to maintain the beauty of its design while conquering the most challenging environments. Rolex’s brand has specially developed corrosion-resistant steel for their wristwatch to be robust in any kind of situation. If you are into an active or sporty lifestyle, try exploring the Rolex Explorer II collection.

Rolex Explorer 216570-0002

This type of model is one of the best choices in their collection if you are into caves or camping because this wristwatch’s design is built to be optimal even in the darkest places. It is constructed mainly for men with extreme types of hobbies like mountain climbing, canyoning, and many more. The overall design and features are genuinely meant for every explorer out there.

If you are not into extreme types of hobbies, you can also wear this timepiece on any regular day because it’s uncomplicated design can go with most clothing types. The combination of black dial and silver casing and luminescence finish that complements each other will give you a great first impression that is a must-have.

Rolex Explorer 216570-0001

The next one on our list in the Rolex explorer collection is this model 216570-0001. This model is also made for individuals who are into adventures. Its functions are mainly built to face every harsh environment you might encounter while doing your activities. This timepiece is rest assured to be able to keep up with the adventure you are planning.

The combination of white dial and stainless steel material used with its casing has a flashy overall vibe. This wristwatch is also best for men who have big hands and wrists as this can be a comfortable timepiece for them to wear. It has a diameter of 42mm, a height of 13mm, and a lug width of 21.00mm. An additional feature you can enjoy is its water-resistance.

Rolex Explorer 16570

Rolex Explorer 16570 is also one of the best wristwatches on this list. It has its aesthetic vibes that come from the black dial and silver casing. It has a large dial, which is best for individuals that enjoy large wristwatches. One of the best things about this wristwatch is it’s unisex, which every lady and gentleman can enjoy.

Suppose you are looking for a wristwatch for your next adventure, investment, or even on a regular day basis of usage. This is one of the best wristwatches you should check out.


Rolex has been in the market of luxury wristwatch manufacturers for generations and continues to deliver the most superior quality of wristwatches. Hence, the reason to choose a battle-tested luxury wristwatch brand. Take note that some of the wristwatches listed are pre-owned and in the best condition possible.