Rolex Sports model- Watches to meet your needs


Rolex is famous for sports watches. But these are only a small fraction of their business.The Rolex Sports model is a line of casual watches that sell well and sell themselves. The Rolex Sports model started back in 1966 when Rolex hired a person named Bernard Tschumpitz to design the first watch. He had no formal design training, but he came up with the concept of a watch with automatic winding and parts that aren’t assembled by hand.

In the early years they sold mostly to the yacht club crowd. Today they are sold by Rolex dealerships around the world. They have teamed up with other brands like Tag Heuer and Omega and launched additional models and collaborations with other brands like Eastpak.

The Rolex Sports line is what happens when you combine some really good design with some really good customer service:

  • They are very customizable. When you buy an automatic watch from Rolex you can change the dial or band color (they offer more than 400 different colors), there are endless ways to do things with your watch such as changing how many days per year you want it to keep time, how many times per day you want it to wind, etc.;
  • They don’t need batteries . They come with an internal battery, which means there isn’t any required electricity — more importantly, if something breaks or needs repair then all it takes is about five minutes to replace the battery itself instead of having to jump-start your boat or car engine;
  • They look great. They have amazing craftsmanship that provides an excellent finish without sacrificing style.

The general idea behind the sports watch is that you set a time zone for yourself and then get out for a run or some other activity that tests your stamina. The watch is smart enough to tell you whether you are fit enough to do a certain amount of running, for instance, and to keep track of how long you have been running, so it’s not just an activity tracker — it’s much more like our fitness applications. It tracks your sleep, too, so you can adjust how long you spend sleeping based on how much or how little time you spend running. In today’s world, we don’t need watches that tell us everything we want to know about every aspect of our life — we need wrist wearables that are useful while we are not wearing them.


Rolex is known for quality and innovation. The Rolex Sports model is a well-known example of the modern classic. The Rolex Sports model was a very successful line of watches that offered significant performance at an affordable price in its heyday.