Do Braces Hurt? Methods to Reduce Pain


Who does not want to get a beautiful smile on your face? But sometimes, sharing a beautiful smile is impossible for improper teeth alignment. But this problem can be solved easily by taking the help of braces treatment.

Nowadays, it has become a very effective result provider of treatment that can help each one of people to get the best smile. Another question is also interconnected with that treatment: Do braces hurt?

But the patients can sometimes feel a little bit of discomfort and irritation after the treatment. The patient can also reduce the pain or discomfort of the treatment by sitting at home without going to the doctor’s chamber.

Today with this article’s help, we will share some common and effective ways to reduce the problem.


Do braces hurt?

A large section of popularity is wondering about the question, do braces hurt? The treatment usually does not offer any pain.

But sometimes, it might offer a little discomfort and irritation for several treatment procedures and the brackets on those teeth. The placement of each bracket on the teeth may offer slight pain for the patient.

Few methods to follow to reduce pain

If you are facing discomfort or a little pain after the treatment, you can reduce the pain by following the methods below. Let’s get started by exploring the methods in detail.

1. Rinse your mouth with warm salt water.

After the treatment, if you feel discomfort and irritation in your brackets, you can use warm salt water to reduce the discomfort.

Every day you need to practice 5 to 10 rinses of your mouth with warm salt water. Slowly it will remove the bacteria and all the pain you are going through on your teeth gum. You can also use directly warm salt water on the brackets or wires.

2. Suck on something cool.

For instant relief, you can also try some cool or cold foods. You can apply ice cream or any other cold substance to your brackets. Instantly you can get rid of the pain or the irritation on your brackets.

But for the maximum time, people generally use ice cream to reduce common problems like pain, discomfort, and irritation. Even you can use an ice bag to get instant relief from the pain from your teeth gum.

3. Continue to brush and floss.

Remember to continue brushing and flossing daily; this practice can also help you eliminate all the pain from your teeth and gum.

It can also help you get instant relief, and you need not rush to the doctor’s chamber to solve the problem. By sitting at your house and practising this simple way, you can manage all the problems yourself.

4. Over-the-counter pain medication

Patients can also take the help of counter-pain medicine to treat the problem. It is also a very effective way to eliminate common discomfort and pain. If you cannot bear the irritation and discomfort, taking the counter pain medicine can be the most appropriate solution for you to solve the problem.

Even you can take the help of your dentist to know the names of the exact medicines and the instructions on how to take them daily. It can also help you solve the pain problem and discount your brackets on the teeth.

5. Orthodontic wax

The patients can also ask the help from their orthodontist to get rid of the problem. It is a medical treatment that will help you to solve common issues in your oral health.

On the brackets or wires, The Orthodontic wax will be placed so that it can help the pain to reduce quickly. By giving the gel to the exact position daily, you can also get instant relief for the pain area and quickly heal the whole discomfort.

6. Oral analgesic

It is the kind of gel that can also help you to reduce problems. You only need a cotton swab or your fingertip to apply the gel. It will quickly help you to the desensitized area and will also help you to reduce the problem very naturally.

7. Eat soft foods

Another magic treatment that you can also apply yourself to reduce the problem is by taking the help of soft foods. Without putting too much pressure on your treatment or bracket, soft foods will help you to solve the discomfort and pain.

You can take a smoothie, cheese, soup, and Mac. At least a few days after the treatment, you must take only this food for yourself.

8. Chew to stimulate blood flow.

You can also consider the advantage of the chew method to stimulate the blood flow near your oral gum. The patients sometimes forget this particular point just because they go through a lot of pain and irritation. But this is the most helpful way that can help you to reduce all the common issues.


Therefore, these are the most straightforward methods you can regularly follow to reduce the pain of braces. If you are looking for the question Do braces hurt then you can find out the detail here with the methods to reduce the problem too.

 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much do braces hurt on a scale of 1-10?

The answer is zero. While placing the brackets on your teeth does not offer any intense pain. It becomes painless for all the patients.

How long do braces hurt after you get them?

You can feel the discomfort of the braces not more than four days, but the pain of the treatment can stay nearly one week.

Why do braces hurt?

The pushing and pulling process provides pain, and it can be hurtful. The pressure of the pulling and pushing system can make your teeth and gum sensitive.

When do braces stop hurting?

The discomfort or pain of the treatment is solved within 3 to 4 days. But for complete relief, you need to wait at least one week.