Chewing Gum With Braces: Is It Good For You?


Orthodontic treatment is the best treatment for oral health because it can quickly improve oral health conditions. Patients who are daily suffering from multiple oral health problems they can quickly get rid of them. But there are also some restrictions that each patient has to follow.

Braces are also a part of orthodontic treatment and with the advantage of the treatment, anybody of the patient can make their teeth line appropriate and straight. But there are better options than chewing gum with braces.

Chewing gum with braces is a restriction for patients. It can instantly bring out the negative impact of that treatment, and you can’t get a fruitful result. The dentist recommends avoiding chewing gum while you have the brackets on your teeth.

Some reasons why Chewing gum with braces is not good.

Many people wonder whether chewing gum with braces is a good option for them. Let’s find out why it is inappropriate when you have brackets on your teeth.


1. Cavities

If they have that bracket treatment on their teeth, people suffering from cavities problems should avoid chewing gum. The sticky part of the chewing gum can directly go to the cavities and increase the pain. Initially, it can also remain there, and you may feel difficulty eating. You can suffer from other oral health issues and unconditional pain too.

2. Gum disease

Gum disease is another harrowing situation if you take chewing gum. The thick part of chewing gum can bring out a lot of problems in your gum disease and can also increase the disease. Moreover, if you have that treatment of brackets on your teeth for teeth alignment, you should also avoid chewing gum.

3. Tooth decay

Another reason you should not take chewing gum while you have brackets on your teeth is that it can cause that tooth decay problems. It can also create a gap between two teeth, eventually damaging the teeth quickly. Whatever your age, you may have support from a lot of pain.

Some other reasons

  • If you are chewing gum, there is a high chance it can get stuck on your teeth or the brackets. Though the braces treatment is not painful, it is just an effortless and usable thing that will help your teeth alignment to become straight.
  • We all know that while chewing gum, you need to give extra force to bite the gum, which can directly affect the treatment and sometimes make it lose as well.
  • While chewing gum forcefully with your teeth can also bring out other oral health issues.
  • It can also offer you a lot of discomfort and irritation if it sticks to your braces.


Therefore these are the common reasons why you should not consider chewing gum with braces. If you do that, you may face all the positive and negative consequences.

Frequently Asked Question(FAQs)

Can you chew gum with braces?

All patients with brackets on their teeth should not chew gum as it can directly affect the treatment and decrease effectiveness. But if American Dental Association approves chewing gum, you can have it yourself.

Can you chew sugar-free gum with braces?

Yes, you can chew sugar-free gum with brackets on your teeth. You can chew it moderately, and it will not affect your treatment, and keep the treatment set with your teeth.

Does chewing gum slow down your braces?

Yes, chewing gum can slowly make the effect of your bracket treatment on your teeth slow down. It can also remove the wires from your braces.

Does chewing gum make braces work faster?

Whenever you are chewing gum, it can create extreme pressure on your teeth as well as your brackets. Instantly it can also decrease the result of the treatment and slow down its effectiveness.