Is Arthdal Chronicles Season 4 coming soon? Get the latest updates!


Are you waiting for the new Arthdal Chronicles Season 4? If yes, then your wait is over. The hottest news came from the Korean industry that Arthdal Chronicles is confirmed to return on the screen.

The other hottest repost is coming out that the next season will be directed by Kim Kyu Tae and Hong Jang Chan. He is a famous director of most famous dramas like That’s Love, Iris, That winter, and The Wind Blows.

While researching the reports, the channel TVN confirmed that Arthdal Chronicles Season 4 would be back soon. Further, we came to know that there is no finalize of actors.

If you are unaware of the Arthdal Chronicles Season, then let us get a closer look at the story background and more.


The Background story of Arthdal Chronicles Season

Before moving to the Arthdal Chronicles Season 4,it is necessary to know about the background of the story so you can get the most out of season.

Well, it isn’t straightforward to describe all three seasons in the post. But yes, we can share pretty good shots or essential facts of the seasons that might help you know about drama details. Hence, we are presenting you with a complete overview of all three seasons.

Here I need to clear one thing that in this article, we are not promoting any spoilers because we don’t want you to ruin your excitement for the Arthdal Chronicles Season 4.Now you can continue reading the drama without any stress.

For the quick view, let me tell you that story starts from the mythical place, Arth. The story is about full-on drama, romance, and struggle by the people of Arth.

The main lead of the story is Eun-seom, who struggles hard to save the tribe from the evil powers. And also, he is searching for his actual regions and the reasons for his existence.

A quick note on Arthdal Chronicles Season (1, 2, and 3)

Let get started with Arthdal Chronicles Season 1The season first mainly revolves around the main leads of the story. In the first season, Eun-seom, the main character of the story, was born as a cursed child. Being a cursed child on the land of Arthdal, the disaster was coming out, and season reveals how his mother saved him from people and his bad luck occurring due to him. The season revolves around her mother’s struggle.

The main lead of a girl named Tan-Ya was born with the same curse and bad luck. But there is a change in the story. The girl child was born with bad luck, but she was not an ordinary child. She has wise and strong politician skills, and she aims to become a politician.

The last character Ta-Gon has strong warrior skills and has been serving as the legendary warrior of Arthdal. He aims to become the King of Arthdal. Well, his struggle has not been easy, but he has played his role very gracefully, and people loved him. However, we do not recommend anyone to follow his character, as he was the antagonist.

Now, we are moving to Arthdal Chronicles Season 2. This season’s story revolves around the Ta-Gon character which is fighting for his throne. Nevertheless, there were two new characters, Kim Ji won and Kim Ok Bin. The story is about fighting between three rivals. On the other side, the story revolves around the struggles of Eun-seom and Tan-Ya.

For more information, you can quickly check out all three seasons to get enough excitement to check the characters’ suspense, thrill, and courage.

Who is the production of Arthdal Chronicles Season 4?

Birthday Chronicles Season 4 will be a great HIT on Netflix. The Birthday Chronicles Season is considered one of the best action-drama series that takes Korean people by storm.

The production of Arthdal Chronicles Season belongs to South Korean television under the production of Dragon and KPJ. Season 1 was directed by Won Suk, but now the Arthdal Chronicles Season 4 will be handled by Kim Kyu Tae.

Who will be the leading characters of Arthdal Chronicles Season 4?

As we all know, Arthdal Chronicles Seasons were big HITS. This is why production is serious about selecting the whole cast and crew. However, choosing the cast is one of the complex tasks for the director because he cannot neglect anything.

Therefore, he takes a great time in shuffling characters and giving them roles that provide complete justice to that character. After all, Arthdal Chronicles Season 4will be the most awaiting season ever on Netflix. Hence, it should be amazing and without loopholes.

While going through the characters of Arthdal Chronicles Season 1, 2, and 3, they have given complete justice to that. And they are the reasons why the fourth season is in demand.

What’s the reason for the upcoming Arthdal Chronicles Season 4?

It’s simple! They won’t get off the story in the middle. If you remember the season 3 ended with suspense and many questions that should be answered. Hence, Arthdal Chronicles Season 4 should come out and answer the questions that season 3 left to us. 

Further, the story has more to come and so much to reveal. And viewers don’t want to let it go until things not clear.

When can we expect the Arthdal Chronicles Season 4?

According to the sources, the Arthdal Chronicles Season 4 will arrive soon on Netflix. It will release in July 2020. However, the date is not cleared. Let me clear that the month can be extending further. And the truth is we have to wait for the official announcement from the director of Arthdal Chronicles.

You don’t lose hope; we have cross-checked the matter and found makers have started their shooting for season 4. Hence, we can say that Arthdal Chronicles Season 4 will be soon on Netflix.