Is There An Arthdal Chronicles Season 4 Releasing Soon?


Undoubtedly Korean dramas have become very popular all over the world. Not just the teens, even the adults, are getting addicted to the K Drama. After the Japanese anime, these Korean dramas have taken over the hearts of both the kids and the adults. Moreover, none of us can help but binge-watch these shows all day.

Talking about the best Korean series streaming on Netflix is Arthdal Chronicles Season 4. It is the best show and has been awarded as the first best Korean ancient fantasy drama.

If you are a Korean drama addict and love Arthdal Chronicles, then you are at the right place. Here we have mentioned everything you need to know about the Arthdal Chronicles Netflix series in detail.

How much attention did the show receive in Arthdal Chronicles Season 1?

The series did not become popular until the release of the Arthdal Chronicles Season 2. In the first season of Arthdal Chronicles, people did not watch the show much. Everyone started watching the show from the beginning after the release of season 2.


After the complete release of Arthdal Chronicle Season 3, the fans are waiting for the season 4 release. However, there are rumors that the Arthdal Chronicle season 4 will not be released.

Arthdal Chronicles story: Quick overview

Before talking about Arthdal Chronicles season 4, here is a recap of the story of the previous seasons. Since it has been a long time since season 3 was released, it is obvious that some of us might not remember the show’s details. So here in this section, we have mentioned the overview of the last three seasons of Arthdal Chronicles.

The story of Arthdal Chronicles settles down in a mythical and ancient place known as Arth. This story revolves around the struggles and romance experienced by the people living in Arth.

The main character of this show is Eun-Seom, who struggles to save his group from the bad influence of people who have powers and might use them wrong. While struggling and protecting his people, he also discovers his true reasons for existing and growing up in Arth.

Plot Summary: Arthdal Chronicles Season 1, 2, 3

The Arthdal Chronicles Season 1 revolves mainly around the life of three people who play a major role in the story:

The first character being Eun-Seom, who was cursed when he was born in Arth. This curse made him unlucky and brought disaster everywhere he went. In the starting, his mother struggled a lot while trying to cover up his mistakes and protected him from all the bad luck he caused around him.

The second main character in Arthdal Chronicles is Tan-ya. Just like Eun-Seom, she was cursed too. However, the circumstances were different because she was not born in Arthdal like Eun-Seom. She was the heir of the Wahan tribe and struggled with all the hardships. However, she was a wise, kind, and strong politician.

The third lead character is Ta-Gon, a young warrior and the best war hero in Arthdal. His main aim and ambition are to become the First king of Arthdal. However, he also faces a few hardships to achieve his goals. He helped people make Arthdal a good place to live in. He is also known as the stronger person in the land of Arth.

Arthdal Chronicles cast and crew

When talking about the Arthdal Chronicle crew and cast, the filmmakers have spent a lot of time and thoughtfully chose subtle characters. You can see this will the choice of character. They come with zero flaws.

It is also said that choosing the characters for this show was the most difficult task for the directors because this is the first Korean drama series that focuses on ancient legends. So there is so much time spent while choosing the characters.

All the characters in the show, mainly the three lead characters, have done a perfect job and have made the show look realistic with their acting talents.

Since it is impossible to explain all the characters in detail, the fourth-best character in the show is worth the credit: Young Korean Actor Song Joong-ki. He was amazing throughout the show and did his best.

Is there Arthdal Chronicle Season 4 releasing?

The next question that might come to our minds is whether there will be an Arthdal Chronicles Season 4? And if there is a season 4 for this show, why have they not released the Arthdal Chronicles Season 4 release date?

After the Arthdal Chronicles Season 3 ended, people started growing curious about the release of season 4. They felt heartbroken after a rumor spread saying there would not be any other season for this show.

However, the makers of this show cleared the confusion of many by announcing that there would be a season 4 for this show. Of course, there will be one. The directors cannot leave the plot mid-way because the third season ended will so many cliffhangers. However, the story plot for season 4 has not been revealed yet.

Are Arthdal Chronicles Similar to GOT?

Most people think that this show is based on “Game of Thrones,” so people expect the same plot as the GOT. However, the directors have no announcement about this, so you need not expect the same plot.

The only reason why the Arthdal Chronicles seem similar to the GOT is that they both are related to ancient fantasy.


So we have reached the end of the article and hope you got the information you were looking for. Yes, there will be Arthdal Chronicles season 4. So you can try staying patient for the final season to come. Since the official dates have not been announced, the show is likely to release anytime in the upcoming years.

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