A Homeowner’s Guide to Choosing and Installing Bathroom Windows


Do you have a gorgeous bathroom that you’re proud of but find that your space lacks light, a view, or some special ambiance? Installing bathroom windows could be the answer.

Windows have long been seen as a symbol of light and airy interiors. They provide a sense of freedom and the ability to create a less closed-off space that feels more like home.

But you can’t just pop any windows into a wall and get the same airy, open effect. When you want to choose and install bathroom windows, there are some things you need to bear in mind.

Here’s how to pick the perfect bathroom windows for your house.


Determine the Type of Window You Need

When choosing a bathroom window, you need to consider the size of the window. You also need to consider the material it is made out of, and its installation method.


When choosing bathroom windows, double-hung windows are an ideal choice. They work well in both large and small bathrooms.

They maximize ventilation, provide extra privacy, and allow more natural light into the bathroom. To install a double-hung window properly, make sure to first measure the area and purchase the right size window.

Remove any existing window frame or trim elements. Then make sure the window opening is level by adding shims as necessary.

Use caulking and weatherstripping to ensure a tight seal and optimal comfort.


Casement windows open outward. Often used to increase ventilation. When installing a bathroom window, it’s important to ensure that water-tight seals are maintained to prevent water leakage.

Ensure the frames and glazing are sealed properly and that overlapping joints are used between frames. Install casement fasteners at regular intervals along the window’s perimeter as well. This will increase stability and ensure longevity.

Use waterproofing materials where needed. Always ensure the window is opened and closed properly to avoid damaging the seal.

Awning Window

Awning windows are easily installed. They offer great ventilation, privacy, and a pleasant view.

They are typically hinged at the top and open outward at an angle. They give you the bonus of protection against rain or snow and can be left open during storms.

The window should be mounted on brackets, hinge pins, and weather stripping to ensure a secure fit. Make sure all the moving parts are operational and secure


Slider window offers a range of options including a triple pane, Low-E glass, and insulated frame. This will help reduce heat loss and improve energy efficiency.

The window can open inwards or slide horizontally allowing good ventilation. The system also offers a range of choices for customizing the window to your individual needs.

Additionally, the customer can choose a dark tint that will offer privacy and reduce glare


Picture windows provide a view, let in natural light, and come in a wide range of styles, shapes, and sizes. Picture bathroom windows are easy to install.

They require the least maintenance. Most models can be installed inside or outside the bathroom depending on the design and size of the window.

Choose the right size, style, and materials that match the bathroom’s aesthetic. Consider the amount of light needed and the type of ventilation desired.

Bay Window

Bay windows provide a bright, spacious look that can help your bathroom feel more attractive and inviting. Make sure that you measure the opening and account for any nearby vents that could affect the installation.

Determine what type of frame and material your window will require. Many bay windows are made out of aluminum and double-paned glass.

Lastly, you should consider the type of window treatments that you plan to use.

Measure the Space Properly

Accurately measuring the space between walls, cabinets, and the window casing, is essential for a proper fit. The space must be measured along the full width and height of the window.

If the window is to fit in a wall, be sure to measure the size and depth of the hole required for installation. For frames, consider the distance from the wall or window sill to the top of the window frame.

Before installing the window, make sure the frame is sealed and properly vented for ventilation.

Get the Right Tool

An experienced homeowner may have some of the necessary tools already. A good start would be to get a cordless drill, impact driver, and a saw.

For measuring, get a tape measure and a level. Consider also getting a window score, fasteners, and a framing square.

You may need additional tools such as a jigsaw or a hacksaw for cutting. Consider caulking guns for applying sealants and specialty tools for vinyl windows.

To make sure you have the right tool for the job, take a look at online resources to see detailed instructions on how to measure and install different types of windows.

Get Help if Needed

When looking for a window installation service you should always consider hiring a professional window installer.

Window installation can be tricky and sometimes overwhelming. It’s important to choose the right size, type, and bathroom window styles to ensure complete coverage and a good fit. A professional contractor or handyperson can help you make the right decision.

Once a bathroom window is chosen, a professional can also assist with installation. Cutting and other adjustments will likely have to be made to get the right fit.

Safety is another concern when it comes to installation. It is recommended that a professional installer be consulted to ensure proper safety measures are taken.

Guide to Installing Bathroom Windows

Integrating bathroom windows allow for a wonderful stream of light, fresh air, and added privacy. Our guide has provided you with the basics of choosing and installing a window for your bathroom.

So, why wait any longer? DIY your next project and take the plunge into a brighter bathroom.

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