The Different Types of Windows for Your House


Most people don’t realize it, but old, drafty windows can waste up to 30% of heating and cooling energy use.

If you need window replacements, you may have recently noticed an uptick in your utility bills. Damaged frames and thin glass can let cold and hot air into the house, making your HVAC unit turn on more frequently.

Replacing old panes can save you money, improve the look of your home, and maintain temperatures. Keep reading to discover the different types of windows you can install in your home!

Casement Windows


Home windows typically open, if you like picture windows but also want fresh air, these are the best solution.

Casement windows swing open by turning a hand crank. These windows are best suited for bedrooms, bathrooms, and kitchens. Many people install casement windows on their homes to prevent wind gusts and rain from getting past the screen.

Installing windows like these won’t take long, but you will have to get them repaired more frequently.

Picture Windows

One of the most common types of windows most homes have is picture-styled.

Picture windows allow homeowners to view the outside and they can vary in size. Most picture windows don’t open, they are permanent fixtures that let in natural light. This is perfect for homes with loft areas or higher ceilings.

Install picture windows higher up since they can get opened. Many people recommend looking at for installation services.

Bay Windows

If you have a beautiful view just outside your home, you should install a window that will enhance your scenery.

Bay windows are perfect for the front of homes. You can make better use of living areas, libraries, and dining rooms when you install a bay window. Depending on how much space you have, you can have a contractor build a bench so you and the pets can soak up the sun.

Depending on the style you choose, you can open and close the side windows. The largest and most center window, however, won’t open.

Single-Hung Windows 

Small bedrooms and bathrooms often have single-hung windows installed.

Single-hung windows have a standard rectangular shape. When you lift or pull down a pane, it opens the window for fresh air. These are great options if you have a limited budget and don’t get a lot of natural sunlight in the area.

If you want to let in more air, however, double-hung windows are another option. Similar to single-hung, they open at the top and bottom and offer excellent ventilation.

Which Types of Windows Will You Install?

When it comes to replacing home windows, you don’t want to make the wrong choice.

New windows can be a large investment. Paying attention to the types of window options available will help you get the most sunlight and fresh air in your home. By contacting an installation company, you can find many affordable types of windows that suit your lifestyle.

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