Your Bathroom Upgrade Guide: Common Mistakes to Avoid


Want to make your home look more up-to-date and appealing?

A great way to do this is to update your bathroom. But if you’ve never remodeled a bathroom before, you might be unsure about where to start. What changes would be most efficient?

In this guide, we’ll give you a few tips for making your bathroom upgrade project easy, cost-effective, and aesthetically pleasing. That way, you’ll be able to avoid costly mistakes down the road.

Read on!

Neglecting Proper Planning and Design

Many people undertake bathroom upgrades without proper planning and design. This of which can be a costly mistake. It is important to plan and design your bathroom, as it is the one space in the home that requires an ample amount of consideration.

Neglecting planning and bathroom design can result in:

  • poor flow of traffic
  • wrong measurements
  • ineffective appliance placement

One should always create a plan and adjust the layout according to size and shape and include sufficient space to move freely in the bathroom. So if you’re planning on a small bathroom remodel, make sure you consider a layout that fits everything in a tiny space.

Underestimating the Budget

Many people underestimate how much money a bathroom upgrade project will cost, resulting in an incomplete or unsatisfactory outcome. The budget will include supplies, such as:

  • tiles
  • fixtures
  • contractor

It is important to do your research and get quotes before settling on a budget. Don’t be afraid to speak to professionals or browse online forums to get an idea of an appropriate budget. Remember that unexpected costs and setbacks may arise, so it’s important to have extra padding in your budget.

Ignoring Proper Ventilation

Bathrooms quickly become filled with humidity and moisture. This can cause damage over time if not removed. Mold and mildew can form easily and lead to stains and odors, and the high humidity levels can also cause structural damage.

Failing to install a proper ventilation system can also lead to wasted energy. This is because lack of airflow removes the ability for the bathroom to air out and remain temperature controlled. To solve this problem, make sure to install a fan that vents to the outside with an exhaust cover.

Overlooking Storage Solutions

A lack of storage can quickly make a bathroom feel cluttered. Poor storage can also mean items sitting out in plain sight which can make bathrooms seem untidy and uninviting. Consider the type of storage you need based on the items you use in the bathroom.

Invest in specialized storage options like medicine cabinets to keep items hidden away, towel rails to provide decorative yet useful storage, and hooks to hang items. Don’t sacrifice function for style. You can find storage solutions in an array of price points and styles to suit any budget or personal preference.

Follow This Basic Bathroom Upgrade Guide

By following this guide, you’ll be able to make sure your bathroom upgrade project is a success. Remember to choose appropriate fixtures, pay attention to lighting, avoid any harsh chemicals that can ruin tile grout, and keep your budget in mind. With careful planning and following this guide, you can make your bathroom even more luxurious.

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