You Can Apply For These Credit Cards Online And Get Them In 24 Hours


In today’s fast-paced world, convenience is critical, including managing your finances. Applying for a credit card is now easier than ever, thanks to IDFC FIRST Bank. Imagine having the power to get a credit card in your hands within just 24 hours, all from the comfort of your own home—no more waiting weeks for approvals or enduring lengthy paperwork.

Let’s dive into the exciting world of instant credit card applications with IDFC FIRST Bank!

Why apply for a credit card online?

In the digital age, the online realm offers immense convenience. The same applies to credit cards. Applying online brings a range of benefits that make the process smoother and quicker:

  1. Ease and accessibility: With online applications, you can apply for a credit card anytime, anywhere—no need to rearrange your schedule or visit a physical branch.
  2. Time saving: Traditional application methods involve filling out forms, submitting documents, and waiting for approval. Applying online eliminates most of these steps, saving you precious time.
  3. Effortless comparison: Online platforms allow you to compare different credit card options regarding features, rewards, and fees. This helps you make an informed decision that suits your needs.

Discover your perfect credit card match with IDFC first bank

1. FIRST Millennia Credit Card: Designed for the millennial lifestyle

If you’re a millennial who craves the perfect blend of style and substance, the FIRST Millennia Credit Card is your ideal companion. This card isn’t just aesthetically pleasing – it’s packed with features that resonate with your dynamic lifestyle:

  • 10X Reward Points: Get rewarded for every transaction you make! With 10X Reward Points, you’ll see those rewards pile up faster than you can imagine.
  • Low Interest Rates: With low interest rates, financial flexibility is at your fingertips, helping you manage your expenses more efficiently.
  • Merchant Discounts: Enjoy amazing discounts from your favourite merchants, whether it’s dining, shopping, or entertainment.

Eligibility: An annual income of ₹3 lakhs or more.

2. FIRST Classic Credit Card: Embrace timeless rewards

For those who appreciate the timeless classics, the FIRST Classic Credit Card offers an array of benefits that stand the test of time:

  • 10X Reward Points: Like the FIRST Millennia Credit Card, you’ll enjoy the magic of 10X Reward Points, making every spend count.
  • Insurance Cover: Travel and shop worry free with insurance coverage that’s got your back.
  • Low-Interest Rates: With low interest rates, you can manage your expenses while keeping your financial wellness intact.

Eligibility: An annual income of ₹3 lakhs or more.

3. FIRST Select Credit Card: Elevate to premium living

If you’re all about premium experiences, the FIRST Select Credit Card is your gateway to a world of luxury and sophistication:

  • Superior Rewards Program: Get ready for unparalleled rewards that match your premium lifestyle.
  • Travel Perks: Enjoy travel benefits and round-the-year offers that enhance travel experiences.
  • Complimentary Airport Lounge Visits: Experience the joy of 4 complimentary domestic airport lounge visits per quarter across major domestic airports.
  • Low Markup Fees on International Transactions: Make your international transactions hassle-free with incredibly low markup fees.

Eligibility: An annual income of ₹12 lakhs or more.

4. First Wealth Credit Card: Where luxury meets wealth

For the discerning individual who seeks not just luxury but also exclusivity, the First Wealth Credit Card is your golden ticket:

  • Travel Benefits: Unlock the world with travel benefits that match your elite status.
  • Evergreen Rewards: Enjoy rewards that never go out of style, making every transaction a gratifying experience.
  • Lowest Interest Rates: Manage your wealth while enjoying the lowest interest rates in town.

Eligibility: An annual income of ₹36 lakhs or more.


Applying for a credit card online has always been a challenging task. With IDFC FIRST Bank’s innovative approach, you can experience the joy of holding your very own credit card within just 24 hours.