Why Is 5G Dangerous?


By 2025, users of phones and mobile devices will have more than 3 billion 5G subscriptions. This update to mobile device technology will improve connectivity and bandwidth for most wireless devices.

Many users have expressed fear about 5G risks, though. The waves 5G technology uses could potentially have unexplored health risks.

Is 5G dangerous, though? Has this technology been rushed to market without a serious look at the potential damage it could cause to human and animal health?

It’s complicated. We’ll handle the question, “Why is 5G dangerous?” in this article.


Is 5G Dangerous to Humans?

We don’t know yet. 5G’s waves fall under the broad umbrella of non-ionizing radiation.

Many devices emit non-ionizing radiation, including microwave ovens, personal electronics, and power lines. These differ from ionizing radiation, which comes from devices like X-ray machines and nuclear power plants.

The health risks of ionizing radiation have been explored in many scientific studies. Fewer studies have looked at non-ionizing radiation, and the results vary.

Why Is 5G Dangerous?

Few studies have looked at 5G radiation in specific, so saying for certain that 5G is harmful isn’t on the table yet. What we can say is that non-ionizing radiation has been found to have health risks under certain circumstances.

The International Agency for Research on Cancer designated electromagnetic radiation as possibly carcinogenic to humans. This doesn’t mean that your mobile phone will give you a tumor. The results of studies haven’t found much correlation.

Phone studies have shown a small amount of potential risk in exposure to electromagnetic radiation. The largest showed no link at all between glioma, meningioma, and mobile phones. The results did suggest a potential link to intense use, but other causes couldn’t be eliminated.

5G towers differ from other phone towers in that they use millimeter waves in addition to other types of radiation. Millimeter waves penetrate the skin less than other types. They also carry more data.

Measuring the impact of millimeter waves will require some different studies from the ones already performed. The methodology might look more closely at skin effects like rashes and melanomas. We will only know the risks of 5GĀ once we do more testing.

What Can I Do?

If you have concerns about the amount of electromagnetic radiation you’re exposed to, you can take action to limit exposure. While that starts with using your phone less, that doesn’t have to be everything.

Some people choose to purchase EMF protection fabric for their homes. Different fabrics protect against different types of EMF. Make sure you know what kind you need.

A Cautious Approach to New Tech

5G technology is coming. Without extensive details on its use, we can’t answer the question of “Why is 5G dangerous?” We can’t even answer the question, “Is it dangerous?”

Whether you want to know more about “Is 5G dangerous to humans?” or other modern technology issues, our technology section can help. Plug in and read a few articles about the latest gadgets.