Why Hosted PBX Services? Switching to the VoIP system

Hosted PBX

What is Hosted PBX?

PBX refers to Private Branch Exchange. The PBX is hosted in the cloud technology provides a platform for phone usage while on the go for your business. Therefore, the hosted PBX is becoming increasingly popular and are replacing the outdated, costly office phone systems. There are numerous advantages to switching to the VoIP. In this article, we are going enlist top five reasons for switching to Hosted phone services.

1. Ease of Use:

Hosted services have an easy setup and are easy to use. Most service providers set up your phone system once you have confirmed the service plan. You will then just have to plug in your phone and start using it immediately. The service also provides you with an online portal which can be accessed easily for managing features. Further, there are 24/7 customer services. This way your team can focus on the more pressing problems. While all your phone related system is handled by the provider.

2. Cost-Effective:

PBX services provide an all-inclusive service with a low monthly cost. Your business will benefit from a full-featured office phone service along with unlimited local and international calls. This phone service is cost effective compared to the traditional telephone system. With the traditional system, you have to a pick and select the features which are required and have to pay the extra charges every month. Since Hosted service providers offer phones which your business needs for operating along with a connection to existing compatible phones and cell phones. Hence, you wouldn’t have to pay any huge initial charges to start up the service. You also wouldn’t have to worry about extra hidden charges.

3. The flexibility of working from anywhere:

Hosted PBX services allows your team to work using their own mobile phone just like they would from their in-office phones. This means that they can stay connected to the office 24/7. It is an ideal solution for teams which need to travel often and those who are dispersed over different locations. With this phone system, everyone within the organization has access to their office phone line and voicemail box without needing them to be physically in the office. This service can be a huge bonus particularly or remote employees.

4. Scalability:

one of the major advantages of hosted services is its capacity to grow along with your business. Further, it allows you to add more phone lines as per your requirement for a flat monthly fee. You can enjoy the growth of your business with the scalability of hosted PBX. In comparison, the traditional telephone system usually charges extra fees for the addition of an extra phone line. Or, it forces business into costly business plans which offer more than your business actually needs. With the hosted PBXservices, your business just has to pay for the lines and services it actually needs in on a low monthly rate.

5. Disaster recovery:

Usually the first thing which ‘goes down’ in case of a sudden natural disaster like a storm, power outage or fire is the office phone system, in case you are still using the legacy system. This disruption in phone connection can bring the productivity of employees to a halt which can adversely affect your external communications with important clients. However, Hosted services can resolve this issue since your phone infrastructure is protected in a hosted environment. Particularly, the flow of your communication can continue even in emergency circumstances.

6. Better Management Features than Traditional Phones:

With hosted services you can track and measure the success of your team through the online portal features. Further, you can also manage the live calls for monitoring as required. This can be incredibly helpful for training new staff. Also, managers will have access to all the detailed call analytics and logs. The hosted phone analytic tools can help your business evaluate the success of marketing campaigns or to decide what times of the daily experiences the highest call volume.

7. Reliability:

A hosted system can be counted to connect each call without lagging in response time, lapses or delays in call quality. You can also count to have clear receptions of every call since Internet-based telephony is used for its enhanced call quality over the traditional PSTN connection.

8. Outsourced maintenance:

The maintenance of hosted services is managed by the service provider in an off-premise location. Therefore, you do not need a dedicated in-house staff, money and time for keeping an on-site system up and running. Your business will experience more uptime since the hosted phone system does not have to be taken offline for updating, maintenance or repairs.

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