What would you do to protect your child?


The late former South African president Nelson Mandela on 8 May 1995 said: “There can be no keener revelation of a society’s soul than how it treats its children.” In honour of this legend, we think that prioritizing your child’s health before anything else would be the surest way to treat our children right for a brighter future. To protect your child from a majority of hazards, various apparels are the chief arsenals that parents can use. Through our well researched and detailed apparel for kids, we describe how to protect your child against injury, strong winds, extreme cold, apparel that harm, and UV lights.

Protect your child against sport injury


As your toddlers advance from the oral, anal, and Phallic Stages towards the latency stage as described by Freudian psychoanalytic theory, they tend to play more. All through these stages that go up to twelve years, the children are more playful and will try various sports and games. They will play football, ride bicycles, and engage in adventurous activities, all of which can cause an accident that results in injury. You need not be the paranoid parent, be a cautious parent by acquiring the right garments for the child. 


Just like adults have various protective gear and apparel for multiple sports, so do the children. Ensure children’s cycles when in heavy pants made of cushion sandwiched between two layers of clothing. They must have gloves, headgears as well as proper shoes on their fit. Apparently, boots would do better for them with some heavy socks. For those who love other sports like football, the protective inner pants for the boys is a necessary addition to the basic apparel and spiked boots. If the children have the love for swimming, it is essential to have swim pants and protective glasses as significant accessories the child has whenever they get a chance to be in the swimming pool.

For various sports, seek to know the specific apparel to protect your child from experts and shop in good sizes and fabrics. 

Protection against UV light

Sunburns and loss of eyesight are the main damages that exposure of your child to the sunlight might cause. These are some injuries that would ultimately affect your Childs health and of course, all other aspects of their life. Therefore, the right clothing might be the best for protection against sunburns. Give your children clothes with hoods, fashionable caps and hats for protection of the skin against direct heat. 

It is mandatory to consider cotton fabric as opposed to nylon fabric for the children’s apparel. The cotton helps to absorb the heat and will eventually protect skin against burns. On the contrary, the nylon clothing or blend of nylon and others might escalate injuries when the child is exposed to the sun. Sometimes, it is good to utilize the best-frosted sunglasses as an additional component to your Childs clothing. 

Protection against extreme cold


Winter has fallen and you still unsure of what to do for your child! Don’t wait anymore, because your child is at risk of pneumonia among other terrible infections that would cause significant health hazards. Acquiring insulated boots for your kids should be the first precaution. Emphasis is on ‘insulated’ and not just any other boots. The insulation stretched far on the upper side appended to the heavy thick sole. These boots should be worn on feet that have two layers of socks. Comfortable inner thin socks and a dense layer on the outer side. Both socks must be 100% woolen.

For the hands, Mittens would be a better option for the obvious gloves. They are comfortable for the ease of use by kids despite being the most warmer based on their design. In very extreme cold conditions, a combination of thin gloves with a mitten on top would be best for your child. 

Did you know that about 20% of the body’s heat is lost through the head! Just as the famous saying goes, ‘when your feet are cold cover your head’, the Childs head should be the priority during winter. In addition to hoods, let your children have woolen hats for maximum protection of their heads. Above all, keep them packed with a scarf or insulated neck gaiter, and feathery and wool insulated jackets. 

Protection against apparel that harm

‘Apparel that harm’ might be new to many people, but yes, they are there and might cause distress, and injury to the children. To start with, oversize clothes and shoes, as well as undersize clothes and shoes, are the main components of the apparel that cause discomfort and accidents among children. They might make them trample, stick on hooky surfaces, and stretch to fireplaces. As such, it is crucial to keep the children’s clothes updated now and then as they advance in complexity and height. 

Ensure the pants for your children are flame-resistant fabrics to protect your child maximally. It is always necessary to check with the authenticity of the manufacturer over the mere descriptions that come along the clothes, especially with the current online stores. 

Finally, ensure there are no loose threading on the children’s clothing for both pajamas and tops. Threads might tie around children’s organs and cause self-harm like cuts and blockages, or they might find their way through nose or mouth and cause the toddlers to chock. It would be better to keep checking every time before clothing.