What to Expect When Getting Trigger Point Injections


Can you believe that a whopping 50 million Americans are dealing with chronic pain?

Once you factor in the number of people who battle spells of pain that reduce the quality of their lives, it seems like almost every adult is affected. While lifestyle changes like dieting and exercising can make a big difference, many of us don’t have the resources we need to achieve lasting results.

If you’re on the hunt for pain solutions, then you should look into getting trigger point injections.

What is it like to get trigger point injections exactly? Continue reading our guide to get the full picture so you’ll know what to expect.


What Are Trigger Points and Why Do They Hurt?

A trigger point can occur anywhere in the body, but they most often occur in places like the back, glutes, and neck.

Trigger points are bands of muscles and connective tissues that tighten to create painful knots. If you’ve ever gotten a massage and felt all kinds of crackling sensations in your back, your massage therapist is rubbing over your trigger points.

Our bodies are most comfortable when they’re relaxed, which is why trigger points cause chronic pain. The most common causes of trigger points are poor posture, repetitive motions, a sedentary lifestyle, an injury, stress, and not getting enough sleep. 

What Is a Trigger Point Injection?

The benefits of Trigger Point Injections can’t be highlighted enough, but some people are skeptical when they’ve been dealing with pain for a long time. It’s easier to become a believer once you learn about the science behind this quick and simple procedure. The needle itself contains a local anesthetic that numbs the painful area along with anti-inflammatory medicine to soothe the knot.

During your appointment, you may either sit or lie down while a doctor sticks the trigger point injections into the areas where you need them most. You’ll feel a little pinch when the needle goes in, but that’s all.

How Will You Feel After This Procedure?

You might be astonished to know that many people can feel an immediate improvement in their pain and even gain mobility. If you don’t notice anything yet, wait a couple of weeks to see if things get better.

Since injectable medications wear off over time, you will need to get more trigger point injections in the future if you start experiencing discomfort again. Your mileage can vary, but you should expect to enjoy a pain-free lifestyle for 30 days.

Lots of People Can Benefit From Trigger Point Injections

Getting effective and safe pain relief can seem like a dream if you’ve already tried other solutions to no avail. Now that you know more about trigger point injections, you can look into booking your appointment to feel better.

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