What to Expect from a Web3 Internship


The web3 blockchain market is expected to grow by 46.7% between 2023 and 2030. If you want to get into a growing industry, then you might want to take a web3 internship now.

If you want to learn web3 and have a strong career ahead of you, then you might want to learn through an internship. An internship is one of the best ways to learn about web3 while also building connections and strengthening your portfolio.

Here’s what you can expect from a web3 internship.

Understanding Web3 Internships


Web3 is known as the future of the internet and consists of the use of decentralized blockchains and smart contracts. Through these technologies, web3 aims to provide more secure and transparent communication on the web.

People who work with web3 technologies, such as blockchain and cryptocurrency, plan to provide more services and applications that revolutionize the way people share information and have interactions around the world.

Taking a web3 internship can be a great way to learn more about the technology that relates to web3. During an internship, you’ll work for a company or organization and will learn more about the technology firsthand while gaining real experience in the industry.

In addition to internships, web3 bootcamps can be helpful as well. You might want to learn more about blockchain bootcamp options now.

Who Can Take a Web3 Internship?

Although many schools and colleges require an internship for students as part of their degrees, internships aren’t just limited to students. Although some types of internships are only open to students, others will accept anybody who has a desire to learn more about the industry.

For a person of any age who is interested in blockchain and web3 technologies, taking an internship can serve as the best way to learn and get a footing in the industry.

Benefits of Web3 Internships

When taking a web3 internship, there are many ways that it could potentially benefit you. Here are the main things that you’ll gain from a web3 internship.

Work Experience

One of the key things that you’ll get from an internship is experience working with web3 in a more hands-on way.

You won’t just be learning about web3 through a textbook or YouTube video, but you’ll be working alongside professionals in the industry. You’ll gain real work experience and may work on actual projects that could serve as part of your portfolio.


During the course of an internship, you’re also likely to build connections.

These connections will be helpful as you continue to build a career in the industry. They may lead to a job or could help you in your future positions.


An internship could also lead to full-time web3 jobs. If you prove yourself well during your internship, the company you work for could end up hiring you.

Alternatively, you may be able to leverage the experience you’ve gained and the portfolio you’ve built to apply to other companies in the industry. This can help you start getting involved in the web3 space in a more professional way.

Making the Decision to Take a Web3 Internship

If you want to learn more about web3, you should consider applying for a web3 internship. A web3 internship could lead to experience, connections, or employment in the industry.