What to Do If You Sustain a Personal Injury in a Car Accident


Sustaining a personal injury in a car accident can be devastating, especially if it has a long-term impact on you and if you have to make lifestyle changes to accommodate it. However, if you are injured in a car accident, it can be difficult to know what to do in the heat of the moment. Therefore, here are the top steps that you should take if you are involved in an accident and to ensure that you can have a bright future ahead of you.

  • Contact Your Insurer

Before you call an attorney, you must contact your insurance company. You should do this as soon as possible after the accident, as some insurance companies having time limits as to when you can make a claim. They will be able to discuss with you what compensation you are entitled to, and what your policy covers in terms of medical bills. However, if your insurance company is failing to pay up or if you do not receive the amount that you expect, you should then consider hiring an attorney to make progress toward the compensation that you deserve.

  • Hire an Attorney

Once you have contacted your insurer and have been unsuccessful, the next step to take if you are injured is to hire an attorney. Many attorneys specialize in personal injuries such as car and truck accidents, and they can help you to get the compensation that you need. Although many cases are settled outside of court, if you do have to go to court with your injury, they will be able to represent you and ensure that you can make your case effectively. Therefore, to find the best attorney for you, you should consider contacting Horst Shewmaker.

  • Take Photographs of the Scene

Although it can be difficult to stay calm and collected enough to follow certain steps at the scene of the accident itself, when you are involved in a collision, you should always try to take photographs of the scene in question. These can help you to show your insurer and your attorney what exactly happened at the time of the crash. If you do not have a mobile phone or camera device with you, you should take notes of the most important elements of the scene, such as the weather, where the other car collided with yours, the cause of the accident, and any damage that your car sustained in the event.

  • Get a Doctor’s Appointment

However, the most important step that you can take is to get a doctor’s appointment. This should be the first action that you take after the collision, and you should visit a doctor even if you cannot see any visible injuries. When you are at the doctor’s, you should also ask for a copy of your medical records that you can show to your attorney and that can be used in any court proceedings.

  • Look After Yourself

While trying to get the compensation that you deserve, it can be difficult to remember to look after yourself. However, the only way that you will recover well is if you limit the amount of stress that you are under and focus on your health. If you are struggling to do this, you should ask for the help of a family member while dealing with legalities and your compensation claims.