What should a Freelance Content Writer Charge?


Are you a budding Freelance content writer? Then I hope you are here because you’re suspended in the loop of charges. Yes, this is the issue that every freelance content writer faces at the beginning of their career.

The total size of the content market in the U.S.A. is expected to touch U.S.D 269.24 billion in 2020-2024. Can you imagine the skyrocketing demand for content writers? So it’s not really difficult to arrange a payment plan, although newbies might mess it up.

So today, in this article we have put forward some suggestions about what a freelance content writer can charge. Stay tuned and learn what is the best pay range to stay profitable in the freelance writing business.

Is The Charge For Every Freelance Content Writer Same?

If you think that all freelance content writers charge the same, then you are entirely on the wrong track. Your remuneration is totally in your hands! Under specific factors and circumstances, you are free to increase it.


So if you possess the desired skills, experience, efficiency, then mark my words; you are going to touch the sky in this industry. All you have to do is identify the right client fit for your professional objectives. Otherwise, you might feel lost and devastated with too much work pressure on one hand or scarcity on the other.

What Factors Affect Freelance Content Writing Charges?

In a country like the United States Of America, the freelance content writing charges vary greatly from one person to another. Undoubtedly, it is the first step to know the different types of rates available in the market. Based on the following 5 factors you need to make decisions for freelance writing charges:

  • By the page
  • By the subject of the project
  • By the hour
  • By the word
  • By your skills and degrees in content writing or related subjects
    (if any)

How Much Can You Charge And Why?

Experienced ones do not have a headache because they already maintain a standard. But if you are a beginner, you have to customize your rates based on skills, efficiency, experience, and goals. So let’s begin with how much rate can you set:

1. Your Monetary Goals

The majority of the pricing plan in the freelance content writing field depends on your goals. Precisely, how much you would like to earn per month or week takes a considerable part. For instance, if you want to make freelance writing a side income source, you will not urge to charge more. But, oppositely, if your living is based on freelance content writing, surely you need to make more money from it.

So I hope you understand that you need to set the price for your service as per your need. Furthermore, another element is associated with your goals – how much time you will give to this job. Yes, you heard it right! Does it sound unclear? Let’s see a sample payment structure!

If you give 20 hours each week and plan to earn $4000 per month, you have to set a rate of $50 per article.

20 hours each week*4 weeks = 80 hours per month

Now $4000/80 hours = $50.

This is how you must do intensive planning for your payment plan once you enter the freelance content writing niche. Self-employment is not so simple, but you can be a winner at the end of the day with proper strategies and approaches.

2. Time Required To Complete The Task

While preparing your pricing plan, the 2nd most essential thing to consider after the task category is time. Within what time will you be churning out your writing says a lot about your efficiency. For example, you can set higher rates if you finish an article within 2 hours than a professional who does the same within 4 hours.

It is quite apparent that you will be able to charge $50 per hour than your competitor, who earns $25 per hour. However, as we said earlier, a lot of this relies on whether you are doing extensive research or not. As a beginner, you ought to research and revise the topic pretty hard before writing. But as you gain experience in a specific niche, you will be no less than a Pro.

3. Your Skill Set

Experience and skill speak in the freelance content writing industry. Having a certification, experience letter, or specific skill set will enable you to charge higher than others. For example, technical writers’  rates are much higher than Essay or Literature writers. And why not? – it requires specialized knowledge to structure a piece of technical content.

So obviously, if you focus on a core topic, you can charge almost similar to the advanced writers – up to $1 per word.


Once you have set the payment strategy, it’s your sole responsibility to find clients who can meet your payment demand. Of course, not all content service providers would agree to your rate; brace yourself for rejections. However, negotiation is definitely possible if you have skills and a basic experience/degree.

The bottom line is, aim to stay profitable in the freelance content writing business always. Once you attain a prestigious yardstick, nothing can stop you from becoming a millionaire.

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