What Is Best for Your Home Renovations: DIY or Hiring a Professional Contractor?


In thought and on paper, you may think that carrying out the work yourself is far cheaper and, therefore, better. However, paying that little bit more and having professional contractors bear the strain and provide a professional finish to your project could be the difference between your relationship with your partner remaining rosy or having them cold-shoulder you until they either forgive you or you get someone into finish the job as they see fit.

However, it is not only this that should dissuade you from tackling the big projects on their own.Indeed, there is a whole heap of reasons to wade through.


Many people like a bit of DIY.The majority think that they are good at it, and some genuinely are, while others leave behind a disaster site. However, aside from this, there are some other points as to whether you would choose to carryout your renovations as a DIY project.

Not Having the Correct Tools and Equipment

It is likely if you are not a builder, plumber, electrician, carpenter, or decorator by trade that you will not have the right tools for the job. This can hinder the speed at which you can work and the workmanship that you can provide.


Not having the Know how

Alongside this, you will not have the relevant knowledge that comes from carrying out a job on a day-to-day basis. This can also slow you down and lead to issues or problems with the work that you are trying to perform, although there are a lot of ‘how to’ videos posted on sites such as YouTube.

Spiraling Budget

Moreover, as the job is taking you longer and you will be making mistakes,your budget is likely going to start spiraling out of control as you purchase more supplies to repair or redo what you have already done.

Professional Contractors

When hiring professional contractors,you must obtain at least three quotes from different companies. This is so that you can make an educated choice of who will provide you with the best work.

Qualifications and Experience

It is likely, if you use a business rather than a standalone guy, that all of the different skill sets your job requires will be catered for. Of course, if you would rather deal with the trades, you can go a far long-winded way and hire a standalone contractor. Whichever you choose will have the speed to get the job done quickly and this is because they have the knowledge, qualifications, and experience that they require.


Not only this, but they will also have business insurance. This will protect you and your property should there be any damage or you trip over their equipment or be a victim of an incident involving their workmanship while the work is in progress. The help of a good personal accident lawyer, such as the Law Offices of Jeremy Rosenthal, will help you claim any additional funds or compensation that is due to you. As the business that you use will be insured (you should check all insurance details before booking your renovation project with them), there will be no hard feelings between yourself and your hired workers and it will be seen in a professional light.

Tools Already to Hand

Not only this but they will also have access to the wide range of quality tooling and equipment that they will require to complete your project to the standard that you are wanting. They will take no extra time in learning how to use these tools as you might as this will be pretty much a daily routine for them.

Quotes Already Provided

It is also unlikely that your cost – on the contractor’s side – will deviate that much from the quote given to you unless, of course, you revise your desires, and in which case, you should make sure that you ask for an advised written quote for the additional work that you want to have carried out. Knowing beforehand how much your project is going to cost can help you budget or readjust your spending as the project unfolds.

Final Thoughts

Renovation projects can be excessively stressful for all of those involved. Celebrations are very much in order when things go well, but when things do not,it is another story entirely. By opting for professional contractors, you will be more at the advisory and decision-making end of the relationship.If,however, you opt for DIY, you will be much further down the food chain and getting your hands dirty.