What Is A Boucle Chair?


Bouclé is experiencing a significant presence in the homes of decor enthusiasts and the interiors-inclined. Derived from the French term  “curled” or “ringed,” bouclé can refer to a yarn or fabric formed from a succession of looped fibre. Wool is the most commonly used material for the process, but cotton, linen, and silk have all been used to get the rough hand of the cloth.

Bouclé fabrics proliferated across categories in the decade following Saarinen’s curled-up release, becoming a mainstay of fashion couture companies (Chanel among the most renowned) and midcentury furniture designers.

The boucle furniture range has moved from the living room to the dining room. The new range of dining chairs adds to the cosiness of the kitchen. It fits well with wooden and stainless steel countertops and cabinets. Another small yet useful addition to the kitchen is the use of self closing cabinet hinges that helps to avoid any unnecessary noise.

Bouclé fabric offers unique advantages: it is heavy enough to provide acoustic absorption when used for window coverings but soft enough to cover a pillow.


Why Should You Use Boucle?

Textile firms are expanding their bouclé offerings as demand turns toward fabric rich in texture but light in weight. The new trend explores the use of boucle for dining chairs, sofas, cushions, etc. The boucle dining chair is available in wooden, ivory and steel legs with a rounded back. Boucle pairs perfectly with round and curved pieces of furniture.

Soft And Comfortable

When it comes to comfort and style, Boucle has the best of both worlds. It has a soft feel, is pleasant to sit on, and looks great from across the room due to its texture. Boucle is a woven loop fabric that appears rough from a distance yet is smooth and comfy up close. With this material, you’ll want to sit on your sofa all day.

Easy To Clean

Boucle fabric is poor in liquid absorption, making it an excellent furniture fabric because it is so simple to clean. Your sofa can be both stylish and easy to care for in the long run. The boucle furniture comes in various colours, so if you have children or dogs and are concerned about the fabric’s long-term durability, go with the charcoal verte hue rather than the light blanc.

No Sheen

One of the issues with artificial fibres in furniture is that they sometimes emit a strange sheen when exposed to sunlight. But boucle does not have this issue.  Its design enables absorption of light rather than reflecting it, giving it a lovely cotton glow that doesn’t look like a flashy reflection. It has a modern matte appearance, ideal for the urban 21st-century home.

What Goes With Boucle Chairs?

Warm and appealing design is crucial, especially as people spend more time inside their homes. The fabric, primarily used in creamy whites and light neutrals, adds a layer of character to a room without adding colour. Below are 5 ways to incorporate other accessories with boucle chairs.

Throw Pillow

Small decorations, such as throw cushions, are ideal for adding texture. The curled fibres add subtle visual intrigue that pairs well with other patterns and colours of cushions.


A patterned bouclé rug can add interest to your floors. Because of the looping strands, this material is highly durable and perfect for high-traffic areas such as living rooms and corridors. Choose a soft neutral tint to give an adaptable foundation for any room.


A bouclé pouffe provides a comfortable place to put your feet up while relaxing on the sofa or in your favourite chair. For variant textures, pair the pouffe with seats in a smoother fabric, such as leather, velvet, or a tight cotton weave. When guests come over, it could also function as extra seating.

Throw Blanket

Drape a bouclé blanket across the couch or at the foot of the bed for immediate comfort. Choose a boldly coloured blanket for a vivid accent or a neutral colour for a timeless appearance that fits with everything. A machine-washable blanket is advantageous for easy cleaning, especially in busy settings.


Other furniture items like abstract art, flower vases, good led lighting and small and modern piece of furniture would go well with boucle chairs. The LED wholesale supplier now offers a variety of led lights with smart control(Wifi or Bluetooth connection, IoT technology, intelligent adjustments), higher lighting performance and unique style.


Boucle is not a new fabric; it has been used for modernist furniture since the mid-century. This fabric is the same as the upholstery on the renowned egg chair designed by Arne Jacobsen in the 1970s. Adding boucle upholstery to your modern 21st-century furniture will maintain it rooted in the past, thanks to its mid-century heritage.

The durable fabric is a simple way to add quick texture and depth to any modern space, and despite its return in 2020, it is a classic trend with longevity that will last the test of time in any residence.