What Can You Do When Dealing With Unfair Dismissal at Work?


Work is a big part of your life, and the time that you spend at work should not be taken for granted. Your time is very important and precious. If you are treated poorly and negatively, it can affect other areas of your life, such as your future and your personal relationships, which is not what you want or what you deserve. If you have or are being treated unfairly at work, then who do you turn to, and where do you start?

What is the Current Situation?

To begin with, you need to look at the current situation, what is happening, when, and why. Are you being threatened with unfair dismissal, or are your employers suggesting you take a long, perhaps unpaid break off from work? Establishing what situation you are in now is necessary as you will have to share this information with others, and the accuracy of it can affect the advice and guidance you are given.

Are There Allegations or Claims Being Made Against You?


Are you being subjected to false allegations or claims being made against you, and if so, when and where are these occurring? Keeping track of what is being said and when is important as it will help you with any claim or damages you look at seeking potentially further down the line.

Speaking to a Lawyer

An employment lawyer such as Brown and Crouppen Arnold MO should be one of your first ports of call. A lawyer who has experience dealing with working conditions and with employee issues will be well versed in what is happening to you, and they will be well placed to provide you with correct and useful advice. A lawyer can speak with your employers or place of work and can try and handle a situation as quickly and as efficiently as possible; they can also pursue compensation for the stress and anxiety you have experienced through the whole process.

Speaking to a Union or Trade Body

If you are in a union through your workplace or registered with a trade body, it may well be worth approaching them for guidance and assistance.  Unions are well placed to act as intermediaries between you and your employer, and if they feel the situation has not gone too far or that it is too out of control, they will intervene and help where they can. A union or trade body may be able to negotiate. The usefulness of a union or trade body will depend on what stage you are at. For example, they will be more beneficial if you are at the start of the process.

Focus on Those Around You

Unfair dismissal at any stage can be stressful, and it can put you in a negative mindset. It is important not to let your employer or workplace get to you too much; this can be easier said than done, but if you focus and talk to those family and friends around you, the whole process will be easier on yourself and less draining.