What Are the Types of Air Conditioners for Houses?


In the United States, almost 90 percent of households have a home AC unit. If you’re installing home cooling for the first time, it’s important to know all of your air conditioner options.

If you’re looking for an AC replacement, you should also know what’s currently available to potentially upgrade your home. Today, cooling a house is easy but deciding on the method might get overwhelming.

The following guide will explore common types of air conditioners so that you can choose the best kind for your home.

Central AC


Central air conditioners get made to cool down the whole house by moving cold air through ducts and out of vents. They work similarly to a furnace that forces hot air through ducts and vents to heat houses in the winter.

Usually, homeowners control their central AC by using a thermostat. Some newer thermostats even have smart capabilities that let homeowners change temperature, schedule cycles, and turn the AC on or off via an app.

They’re a quiet air conditioning option and the thermostat controls are very convenient. However, some homeowners don’t like how the outdoor components look.

They also have higher upfront and repair costs than other cooling options. You can visit this website for more information on AC repairs.

Window AC Units

Window air conditioners offer a cheaper option if installing central AC doesn’t fit into your budget. These smaller AC units get made to fit in a window their fronts inside and their backs outside.

Their design lets the air conditioner send heat and condensation outdoors. At the same time, it uses a fan to force cold air into the house to cool it down.

Window units come in many sizes to fit different window types. Some window ACs come with remote or wireless devices if they offer smart features.

If you live in a condo or apartment without central air conditioning, a window air conditioner makes a great solution. Just remember to anchor the AC unit into the window properly so that it can’t fall out and injure someone standing underneath it!

Portable AC

If you’ve ever lived in an apartment or condo, you know that it’s sometimes difficult to maintain consistent heating and cooling. While window ACs make a good option, some buildings don’t allow them or require expensive professional installations.

Luckily, portable air conditioners make the perfect alternative to window units. They’re fairly cheap and don’t come with the same hazards as a window AC unit.

You just need to set up a portable AC unit in a suitable spot near an outlet and a window. Portable air conditioners come with a hose for the exhaust that goes from the unit and out a window. They’re simple to install, affordable, and don’t take up much space.

Just keep in mind that they won’t get the job done for larger homes. For larger apartments and condos, you might have to spend more money on additional portable ACs to meet your cooling needs.

Understanding Types of Air Conditioners

Now you know several common types of air conditioners you can choose from regardless of your budget. Central AC is your best bet if you can afford it, but window and portable units can get you by, especially for smaller spaces.

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