What Are the Main Types of Window Screens?


Are you thinking about new window screens for your home? You may be wondering about the various types of window screens to help you decide.

Choosing the best window screens can extend the life of your home’s exterior. It can also save you money on your energy bill, as you’ll have a tighter home that doesn’t let as much heat transfer out.

Are you ready to find the perfect replacement window screens for your home? Let’s go over the most common types of window screens that you may consider.

Mesh Window Screens: Excellence in Insect Repellency


Many types of window screens to consider when it comes to insect repellency. Mesh window screens excel in repelling insects, making them the preferred choice for homeowners.

This mesh material came from a knitted fiberglass screen woven with an aluminum alloy coating. It makes it stronger and more durable than other types of glass screens.

This mesh is also resistant to rust and corrosion and unaffected by extreme temperatures. It also offers superior visibility and is easy to install. You can hire a professional window screen installer to help you with the installation or a window screen repair.

Aluminum Framed Window Screens: A Popular and Durable Choice

Home window screens come in all shapes and sizes, designed to fit any window size and style. Aluminum framed window screens are a popular and durable choice among homeowners who want protection and style. They construct these screens with anodized aluminum frames and tight-fitting mesh.

It makes them strong and long-lasting. The screens also offer a sleek, contemporary design that looks great with any window. They come in standard or custom sizes and are easy to install.

Different varieties of aluminum framed window screens also exist for various climates, such as sun and insect screens. In colder climates, insulated or thermal window screens are also available to help keep the cold out during the winter.

Solar Window Screens: Keeping Your Home Cozy and Cool

Solar window screens are to keep your home cool and cozy during the hot summer months. They block out up to 80-90% of direct sunlight, making your home more energy efficient and reducing energy bills. Several window screen options offer sun protection, thermal efficiency, and improved airflow.

Roller shades are an inexpensive choice that you can install on any window. Solar-reflective screens, such as sunscreens and solar shades, reflect the sun’s rays away from the window. It allows natural light while keeping the temperature cool.

Security screens provide the ultimate sun protection, blocking up to 97% of the sun’s rays. They also give superior strength, preventing thieves from entering your home.

Consider This Guide in Choosing the Best Types of Window Screens

Window screens can be made from a variety of materials and serve a variety of purposes. The main types of window screens are insect, solar, aluminum, and fiberglass.

You can add privacy, protect your home from intruders, and keep bugs out with the right window screen. Choose the one that fits your needs best for an optimal outcome and take one step closer to a more secure and comfortable home.

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