What are the best features of Soundcore Life Tune XR?


The new best over ear headphones by Anker soundcore is Life Tune XR. Here we will discuss the best features of the best over ear headphones by Soundcore. Read on to know more about it.

Contents of delivery:

Soundcore Life Tune is presented in a heavy case, at heart, which at that place is still a charging wire, AUX cable and certification.



Outwardly, the best over ear headphones are similar to old Soundcore on-ear versions. The head-band consists of a lot of parts – an iron bow, a cushy inner stratum and a plastic case.

The troughs are made pretty original and look to consist of 2 plates. The littler plate carries all the controls and links. The USB-C charging interface, power push button, condition light, and NC push button are on the left-hand side. On the right-hand cup at that place is volume pushes, a multifunctional push button for controlling playback and responding to a call, and a mini-jack for hearing with a wire. The right bowl is also sensory; when you set your hand on the trough, the transparency mode is set off.

The best over ear headphones look bang-up and versatile, whatever apparel style is in the subject. Well, they are really light, and the pinna pads are really comfy; in that respect, there is no irritation for a lot of hours. All control factors are settled in their places and are absolutely set blindly. The design is folded, and the bowls can be revolved.

Sound Quality:

Soundcore Life Tune pinna buffers are cushy for a reason! They instantly show you the softness of audio! And this is actually among the softest and easiest headphones for me recently; yeah, no honesty had better be expected here, simply the model is crazily easy and will attract almost everybody who listens to that. As for the low, middle and high pitches are hazy somewhere; this had better be immediately realized and accepted. That is, if you are searching best over ear headphones for the classics and require maximum detail and vibrancy, then this is not here. Simply with the volume at that place in complete order, it appears that the music is dabbling you, and you are in the core. This is accomplished not just thanks to the rather big 40mm drivers, merely as well due to the best over ear headphones format and inner materials of the pinna cushions.


Since these best over ear headphones are built by the manufacturer of the most effective power banks in the universe, there is perfect order with autonomy. Without ANC, Life Tune is acted for 60 hrs! Fast charging is as well supported in 5 mins for 4 hrs of listening.

Final Words:

And so we caught up to the full Soundcore Life Tune cost. For the best over ear headphones with beautiful soft audio, fantabulous appearance, ergonomics, fine ANC, almost track autonomy and a stylish microphone, the maker asks for still less than $ 100. So you are able to get these easily now.