What Are Full Mouth Dental Implants?


Many advanced treatments nowadays are available for a patient with tooth decaying or cracked teeth. If you have more than 10 to 12 damaged teeth inside your health, then you can take the treatment of full mouth dental implants. By placing a bridge inside your oral health, the dentist will help you regain all the damaged teeth together.

In the place of all the damaged teeth, there will be a particular Bridge that will make a connection for the new placement of the teeth. After replacing the full mouth dental implants, the patient can quickly receive the best result. If you want to take the treatment on yourself, here are some of the essential details you need to know.

Who can take full mouth dental implants?

You may have a question about who can take the dental Implants; after an examination of your oral health condition, the doctor will let you know whether you should take the treat not. People with more than 10 to 12 damaged or cracked teeth inside their jawline or teeth line can get advanced treatment.

Things to consider in full mouth dental implants

But before getting the treatment for yourself, there are some essential factors that you need to consider for yourself. Only after considering the points can you decide whether to take the treatment or not or whether you are eligible for the treatment or not.


1. Speech issues

The primary factor that a dentist considers before suggesting the treatment is the speech issues of the patients. But the patients can also receive alternative treatments such as single implants, short-span bridges, and missing teeth treatment. Every patient must be prepared for further treatment cost and time management as it requires both equally.

2. Bridge thickness

Another problem the patient might face after the surgery is the bridge thickness problem. Very rare cases can find after the treatment. After the surgery, the ridge of the treatment can be reduced. In fact, after that treatment, doctors can’t help with anything regarding this matter once the whole process is done. The patient cannot feel the same kind of issue less feeling before that treatment.

3. Excessive biting force

Another major factor that the patients must consider is the excessive biting force after the treatment. Sometimes the patient needs help finding the exact problem at the exact time. But they may feel discomfort and difficulty with the premature occlusal contacts in the dental implant full mouth.

4. Parafunction

After the implant treatment in oral health, the patient may also suffer from parafunction problems. Patients may face problems like irregular chewing, cleansing, and bruxism. These things can make the patient uncomfortable and irritated if the implant treatment does not go smoothly. The patient may also suffer from the problem if they have had other dental issues previously.

5. High risk of caries

After the surgery, the doctor also discusses the consequences a particular patient might go through after a few days. The doctor does not only talk about the treatment’s advantages; they also simplify and elaborate on the negative side of the treatment. They can also go with the problem of high risk of caries in their oral health.


Let’s quickly check out the advantages of the entire mouth treatment individually.

  • The treatment is the best and perfect option for those who have already lost their teeth inside their oral health.
  • With the help of this treatment, the patient can get solid and sustainable yet permanent teeth for their oral health. Without the doctor’s help, they cannot remove it.
  • The treatment will offer self-confidence and self-esteem by providing natural and permanent teeth inside oral health.
  • After the treatment, the patient can enjoy any one of the foods or their favorite dishes.
  • This treatment is a very healthy Bridge And the best solution for your jaws and jawbone.
  • It is a sustainable and durable yet permanent treatment you can consider after losing teeth.
  • The treatment will ensure a healthy and solid dental condition by removing dental issues.
  • For teeth replacement, if you are looking for the best treatment for yourself, you can only provide the best result if these are full mouth implants.
  • The treatment can also provide very long-term services if you take care of it daily.
  • The treatment is more convenient, and it eliminates minor teeth issues.


Now let us find out quickly some of the disadvantages of the treatment.

  • The patient may face some irritations for the first six months after that treatment near the bone area.
  • Due to the high movement, that treatment can fail, and the Healing process can take longer.
  • It can also increase the risk of infection, bringing other problems regarding your oral health. The treatment can also bring out some problems if you do not take an antibiotic before the app treatment.


The cost of the treatment depends on several factors, but it generally takes 1.5 Lakh to 3 Lakh for the treatment.


Thus this is all the information that you need to know about full mouth dental implants. Here we have also covered both the advantages and disadvantages. You can also discover the significant factors you need to consider before taking the treatment.


Are full mouth dental implants a good idea?

Yes, full mouth dental treatment is a good idea for people who have lost many teeth in their oral health. It is a permanent solution for them to have natural-looking teeth.

How many dental implants do I need for a full mouth?

You can take a maximum of 12 to 16 implants for the whole dental implant. You can take 6 to 8 implants each for the upper and lower jaw.

Can I have all my teeth removed and replaced with implants?

Yes, it is possible. But the best time to get that treatment on yourself is when you have completely lost all of the teeth in your oral health, and you can then place New and permanent teeth.

Are dental implants painful?

No, it does not offer any pain while receiving that treatment yourself. The doctor will numb the jawline to place the teeth.

Are full dental implants permanent?

Yes, the complete dental treatment is permanent until you go to the dentist to remove them.