Website Maintenance Tasks That Help Mitigate Stale Site Issues


No one wants to see things that are outdated and out of fashion. Outdated elements, content, design, and processes of a website refer to a stale site. This may not seem problematic to many at first, but they are very damaging for a website.

For better website traffic and optimization, it is highly important to deal with stale site issues. Failing to deal with these issues not only de-ranks your website, but your regular users will also disengage from your website. Several changes and updates are crucial for websites after some time to ensure your website is not becoming too boring and outdated for its users.

Keep scrolling down the article to explore effective ways to playoff stale site issues for increased web traffic.

Top 6 Ways to Fight Stale Site Issues

With each passing minute, we get to see various changes and updates in the world of the internet and communication. The website trends and ways also keep changing, and it becomes important to follow the trends for increased traffic. Failing to implement and include the latest trends will result in many issues which no one wants.


Below are some of the tried and tested ways using which you can avoid outdated website issues.

Remove or redirect old promotions

One of the solid reasons for stale site issues is the least updated websites. You need to keep changing and updating both the static and dynamic content on your website to keep attracting traffic. Providing them the same offers and promoting the same old things on your site will not create an interest in the site visitors. Make sure to keep your promotions and content updated. These updates require great care and expertise, which is why most website owners go for website maintenance Dubai-based quality services.

Add dismissible popup

The biggest attractions for a website user are the offers you are making, and it is crucial to minimize site stale by letting users about new offers. Usually, websites use popup notifications to let the visitors know about your latest offers, but they do not seem to be much effective. For solving these problems, you can add dismissible popups, informing the user about your new products and offers. In such a way, the website users will keep visiting your website from time to time, thus increasing web traffic.

Header and footer updates

The information on the website header and footer is as important as other content on a web page. The website’s footer contains valuable information for the user to connect with you and interact with. Not adding your new and latest social media handles will always disconnect the user from your website. Other than that, the website footer is important for a website’s marketing and promotion as it also contains sharing button for the user to share the content on social sites.

Update privacy policies

One of the neglected elements in updating the website’s content is the privacy policy; many people believe that updating this element on your website might not bring much change. But the facts are different from what we think and believe; the users are always concerned about their privacy, and your privacy policies must be according to the latest standards. Failing to update your privacy policy with time will disconnect the users, and eventually, there will be a decrease in the flow of traffic to your website.

A parallax background is beneficial

Gone are the days when websites were boring and were old school; today, there are several opportunities and ways you can give a mesmerizing look and feel to the website visitors. If the user once had a poor experience on your site, they will not return back in the future. one of the ways to give a pleasing look to the users and gaining their attention is the parallax background. You can add creative animations in the background of your website, which will add more to the user information and experience.

Remove old images

Keeping your websites optimized has always been a great concern for you; these optimizations are always possible with updated and optimized content. Your user does not want to see things again and again, even after several years and months. It is always better to keep your images replaced by new ones to avoid stale site issues. Ensure the images you are adding to our site are optimized, and they all have an ALT tag. For such instant and regular updates to your website, you can acquire the website maintenance services to ensure your site is not having any outdated elements.

Follow these methods to improve web traffic!

A website requires regular checks and updates to ensure it is not facing any issues or factors that are repelling your web traffic. Among various factors, outdated website content is the reason behind lower website traffic and results in stale site issues. So make sure you are implementing the above methods and tricks to avoid these issues with the help of website experts and professionals.