Ways to Use Influencer Marketing to Grow your Brand


Influencer marketing has reached mainstream status, and with a multitude of success stories from brands utilizing the method for growth, it is a surprise that many brands out there are still yet to try it. We understand that there are still people out there who view influencer marketing as just “working with celebrities”, however in today’s climate, this innovative and effective strategy is more than just an updated version of George Foreman grills and Justin Bieber posing in Calvin Klein underwear. Working with an influencer agency can help you significantly impact social media.

There is a surplus of ways to use influencer marketing to grow your brand, and with an open mindset and persistence, your brand can be taken from unseen to recognizable in no time.

Define your goals

Setting out your goals and aims before embarking on this journey will establish how you measure the success of your campaign and with which influencers you choose to carry it out.


The size of the influencer you choose will impact the results produced. If your goal is to increase brand awareness, gain exposure, expand your following, or save money, consider partnering up with a micro-influencer. Micro-influencers have a modest following of 10k-100k, but they have the best engagement rates and, therefore, better trust with their followers.

Top Tip: Be on the lookout for influencers with genuinely authentic connections with their followers, as they are the ones who will ensure that your partnership will not fall on deaf ears.

Target your audience

There are millions of influencers to choose from, but finding and selecting those who can link your brand with your desired audience requires much more patience. Influencers are not celebrities; they are often experts within their niche and are incredibly influential to those who follow them, so you need to select someone who’s following mirrors your target market. Once this is done, you are halfway there to guaranteed success, and the first significant aspect of your campaign is taken care of.

Working with your influencer

You have found someone, and they are a perfect match. Congratulations!

Deciding which social media marketing campaign to run will be your next major step. There are many campaign types, but whichever you choose should align with your goals in step one.

If you are looking to increase brand awareness, perhaps consider the following:

  • Hosting a giveaway or competition that is either in partnership with an influencer or just promoted by them on their stories/profile.
  • Host a brand experience for your network of influencers to promote on their social media platforms.
  • Send your product out to influencers – if appropriate, you could always ask for a review in return.
  • Give your influencers a discount code they can share with their followers.

Once these campaigns have been run, you must analyze the data to measure their success. For example, searching for the number of impressions on each platform will measure this success most effectively for those looking to increase brand awareness.

Top Tip: when partnering with an influencer, it is essential to give them as much creative freedom as possible. Remember, no one knows their audience as they do, and if you want to gain as much brand exposure as possible, letting them sell you in a way they know will work is what you must let happen. Furthermore, giving them creative control will solidify your trust in one another and increase the chances of collaborating again on a future campaign.