Simple Ways to Make ‘Those Days of the Month’ Comfortable For You

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It has been given several unpleasant ones by women all over the world right from Aunt Flo and chums to ‘that time of the month’. For some women, the experience every month is so tiresome that they would rather take the name of the Dark Lord Voldemort than call their women period by its name. All this could change easily if we just took some small steps to make these days go from bearable to becoming comfortable.

Eat healthy 

Nothing can undermine the benefits of a good diet especially during your periods when your hormones are playing havoc, you feel your energy levels dipping, mood swings take over you, and you feel snappy all day. If you are eating a healthy, nutritious and junk-free diet, you would be full of energy just like the rest of the month. Include calcium-rich food and greens in your daily diet. When you get a craving for junk food like chocolate or you feel your hand reaching for those fried snacks, substitute them with healthy options like carrot sticks with a curd dip or a fruit.

Don’t stop your workout

Even doctors recommend a light workout during your periods unless you are facing an issue like heavy flow or stomach cramps. Exercising keeps you refreshed and the flow regular, which leads to less cramping. Light yoga, light walk or light cardio are some workout activities you can continue doing even during your periods.

The heating pad for your cramps

A heating pad or the good old hot water bottle comes to the rescue in case of cramps. Wrap it in a towel and place it on your tummy when you are experiencing cramps. You will feel better and if its winters the pad will let you have a good night’s sleep too. In case the cramps get very painful, you can ask your gynecologist to prescribe a mild painkiller for you to curb your period-related cramps.

Banish those ugly pimples by staying hydrated

A lot of women face the problem of red and blotchy spots or pimples on their face a few days before their menstrual cycle is about to start. Periods bring along cravings for some women, and when you give in to these cravings that make you reach for that oily or sugar-laden food, it causes breakouts on your skin. It is extremely important to stay hydrated while you are on your periods. It sounds ridiculous because you already feel bloated and you don’t want to make frequent trips to the loo but water will keep a lot of your problems at bay. It will flush out toxins and maintain the glow on your skin which might feel a little limp during this time. Along with water, you can also add juices and smoothies to your diet to stay hydrated.

Maintain hygiene

Agreed, that the feeling creeping in during these days is akin to depression. You are overcome by lethargy and the only thing you wish to do is lie face down on the couch and curse your women periods. But since that is something we don’t want you to do, an excellent way to refresh your mood and yourself is to jump into a hot shower. Bathe every day and clean yourself every time you change your sanitary napkin. It is also advisable to keep the bikini and pubic line shaved for better hygiene. 

Comfortable clothes for all the comfort

If possible, try and wear loose pants or trousers and avoid jeans that are tight around the crotch area. If your bottoms are too tight, the sanitary napkin will rub against your vulva and thighs while moving and walking causing rashes and itchiness. Pads for girls today come in such superior quality that there is no risk of you staining your clothes if the period pads have been placed right in your panty.

  • Change your sanitary napkin frequently

You should not keep wearing the same sanitary napkin for more than 5-6 hours even if you are having a mild discharge or flow. Wearing the same pad leads to dampness and risk of staining once the pads stop absorbing. It also leads to bad odor and you risk getting rashes on your inner thighs and vagina. Every time you go to the washroom, wash your vagina and dry it. You can use a mild vaginal wash during these days and apply an antiseptic powder on your inner thighs to keep the area smooth and moist. Buy sanitary pads online well in advance before your date to avoid any last-minute hassle.

The most important thing of all is not to let the stress of periods get the better of you. Nothing, and when we say nothing, it means not even your periods, should stop you from dressing up like a diva and stepping out for lunch with your girlfriends.