Vehicle Damaged Due to Cyclone, Rain, and Waterlogging? Here’s How to File an Insurance Claim


Natural calamities often come unannounced causing considerable damage. Vehicles parked on the roadside are the most susceptible to getting damaged by calamities such as rains, cyclones, and floods. For instance, in the summer of 2021, cyclones Yaas and Tauktae have hit the eastern and western coasts of India respectively, causing severe damage to property and vehicles. The only remedy in such situations is to reach out to your insurer and file a bike insurance claim as soon as possible.

What does the rule state about motor vehicle insurance?

In India, motor vehicle owners must get third-party insurance. As per the latest ruling of the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI), insurers must encourage the policyholders to file for claims and submit documents electronically.

Steps to file an insurance claim for a vehicle damaged by an act of god


Insurers classify natural calamities such as storms or cyclones as an act of god. While filing a claim with your insurance company, you should take note of the following steps-

  1. Immediately inform the insurance company if your two-wheeler has sustained damages due to a natural calamity. Be sure that you reach out to the insurers within a month.
  2. Click photos and videos of your damaged vehicle to have ample proof to submit to the insurance company. Take photos from different angles to showcase the extent of the damage.
  3. The insurance company will then send personnel to estimate the cost of repairs. Depending on the insurance policy you have purchased, the claim would be paid. For example, in cases where the claim is less than ₹50,000, a surveyor is not required.
  4. Don’t try to self-repair your vehicle if it has been damaged by a natural calamity. You might end up damaging it more and your insurer might reject your claim altogether, citing negligence on your part.
  5. You can choose to buy an additional cover for critical parts of your motor vehicle such as the engine.

Why is bike insurance important?

Bike insurance is not only necessary to cover your vehicle against unforeseen situations such as theft, damage due to a natural calamity, accidents, etc. but is also mandated by the law.

There are a lot of insurers available in the market, hence choosing the right one for yourself can be intimidating sometimes. You can however easily compare the features and benefits of various bike insurance policies by logging on to the Finserv MARKETS website. You can also get an estimate of your two-wheeler insurance premiums by using a two-wheeler insurance premium calculator such as this one provided by Finserv MARKETS. All you have to do is enter details of your vehicle. The calculator would then present you with different premium quotes, keeping in mind your budget and needs. You can then choose the most suitable option out of them.