Vacationing in Richmond? Don’t Miss out on These 4 Experiences


If you’re interested in traveling to Richmond this year, there are certain experiences that you definitely don’t want to miss.

As the capital of Virginia, you can expect Richmond to have a plethora of activities available as well as incredible places to visit, no matter if you prefer an outdoor retreat or perhaps prefer the safety and familiarity of indoor spaces.

If you’re planning a trip and don’t know where to start, here are four experiences that you definitely don’t want to miss out on while you’re in Richmond!

1. Go on a Garden  Tour

If you like to be out in nature, going on a Garden Tour can be an excellent way to spend a nice morning or afternoon. Visitors can book a tour of the Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden no matter the time of the year. You have plenty of things to do here, from going on a cherry tree walk to visiting the rose garden and immersing yourself in the fragrance of the flowers.


There’s also a children’s area if you’re traveling with kids, making it a perfect place to spend a little while as a family. Make sure to check out the garden’s calendar so that you can participate in the upcoming events during your visit.

2. Visit the Virginia State Capitol

Several historical moments have taken place at the Virginia State Capitol. In fact, it is the country’s second-oldest functioning state capitol building. You can book a tour to explore the hallways and learn more about the history of this place.

Some of the places that you will see during your guided tour include the Old Senate Chambers and the Rotunda, as well as the Old House.

If you’re traveling to Richmond, touring the Virginia State Capitol is an experience that you don’t want to miss. You will learn more about Richmond and Virginia’s history and maybe immerse yourself in what makes this city what it is today.

3. Explore the Arts District

Richmond’s Arts District is quite an interesting place. There’s a lot to do here, regardless of whether you are an indoorsy or an outdoorsy person. This part of the city has a very exciting nightlife for those who enjoy going to clubs and bars.

In fact, since Pride Month is just around the corner, perhaps signing up for a Richmond Pride bar crawl might be an excellent idea if you’re planning your trip around this time of the year (June – July).

Other interesting places to visit may also include the Institute for Contemporary Art, which is near the Virginia State Capitol. Tons of art galleries, restaurants, and other places are waiting for you at the Arts District.

4. Embark on the Riverfront Canal Cruise

Richmond’s iconic Canal Walk is definitely a must for anyone who wants to visit the city. It is one of the first canals built in the United States, as its construction started in 1785. You’ll experience what the city is like being able to observe what people are up to from your boat. This is not all, however.

You can also make a few stops here and there and get some good food at one of the restaurants, have a drink at a bar or perhaps take a look at some of the wonderful public artwork there’s all over the city. It can be a fun way to get to know the streets of Richmond and discover new places that could interest you.


Richmond is one of the best cities for those who want to have a nice vacation. Whether you’re a foreigner or already live in the US, Richmond likely has something for you. The places we’ve just mentioned are some of the many that this city has to offer.

You can also visit the beaches and other interesting museums (like the Edgar Allan Poe Museum) as well as have hikes or perhaps a drink at the local bars.

These and many other reasons make having a vacation in Richmond very fulfilling. It is full of entertaining, relaxing, and inspiring activities that will fuel your spirit and allow you to forget a bit about the bustle of your everyday life. You might want to come back soon, too!