Using Animation to Leverage Your Product Videos


Animation has become quite the popular business trend. Consumers are no longer looking for ordinary advertising, they expect their favorite brand products to stand out in a fresh and innovative way. You know, something non- promotional but in ways that demonstrate care for the end user.

Animation is the perfect way to build trust with your target audience while meeting their needs. If you’re looking to generate more conversions, here are the best ways on how to use animation to leverage your product videos:

1. The production of explainer videos

Just like the name suggests, explainer videos are the best way to “explain” the kind of products you’re offering. They are short and sweet (30 to 90 seconds long) and showcases a bit about your brand, the product(s) you’re offering and how it’s useful.


A majority of businesses use explainer video production to effectively transfer the most complicated information in a creative manner. The good news is that you can leverage an explainer video anywhere on the internet, including on social media, through email marketing and even using mobile phones.

2. Inclusion of animated infographics

Video infographics are gaining a lot of popularity in the digital world. When you include them in your animation video so they can highlight your product strong points, you’ll keep your audience attracted to what you’re offering. Animated infographics offer a”pausing point” for your videos, where your audience can pause the video and digest the information you’re trying to convert. Video infographics are highly informative, well structured and needless to say, super engaging.

3. The use of animated video tutorials

When it comes to introducing your products, the last thing you want to do is suggest for customers to read long and tediously written tutorials. Instead, you can provide your buyers with brief and easy to understand animated video tutorials on your landing page.

This will educate them on using your products effectively. Ultimately, your company won’t be associated with negative experiences, angry reviews or customer frustration. You’ll most likely receive positive feedback from happy customers and enjoy an empowered brand image.

4. The use of cartoon storytelling videos

Cartoon characters entertain, inform, captivate and create empathy in your audience. The number of cartoon characters and the way they compliment each other create lovable icons and creates a stronger sense of audience engagement. Cartoon storytelling is an amazing way to represent your product and create interest.

5. The production of brand storytelling videos

Telling your brand story through video animation will help you stand out from typical corporate videos. Not only will a cohesive story combine the facts of your brand but also evoke emotion and help in audience growth.When tho technique is used consistently, it enhances brand and product visibility, engagement as impact.


There you go! A few of the best ways to use animation to leverage your product videos! By using these tips, you’ll easily convert more sales, drive significant audience engagement and build brand loyalty with your customers. Take advantage of these sure fire always, it’s certainties to refresh your brand marketing!