Types of rental accommodation


Nowadays, the importance of abroad education has been increased. For higher and professional studies like M.B.A., MBBS, Engineering and other professional courses people are preferring to study from abroad. But the decision of studies abroad is affected by many factors and accommodation for a living is one such factor. Accommodation to live also can be searched online. For example, you have taken admission in a college in Scotland, which is situated in Glasgow. Then you may search for student halls Glasgow online on the web for living halls for students.Before we take any accommodation on rent we consider many things related to such an apartment. However, while taking an apartment on rent, the amount of rent to be paid is a major consideration because people do spend according to their financial budget so they won’t have to face any shortage in their budget. There are various types of accommodation.

The following are the types of rental accommodation for students abroad:

  • When you move abroad, you won’t have any job or any other earning source there. You will like to save more and spend less and also prevent unnecessary expenses. But you can not ignore the living place rent as it is a necessity if you want to spend less amount of money on your living place or apartment then in such a case, you can go for shared apartments, in these apartments you will be sharing your apartment as well as the rent of the apartment. By sharing an apartment, you will get to live with new people and get an opportunity to know them and learn about their culture. The major two benefits of a living apartment are you will share your rent with your housemates and will make new friends.

But before paying for the shared apartments you need to make sure that yourwould-be housemates match with your nature. For example, you are an early morning person but your housemates are late-night party persons. This can create serious trouble for you.

  • You can also opt for a dormitory, it a place where students live together. In the dormitory, each student will have their lockable room, there may or may not be separate bathrooms or kitchens for each room. If you are not comfortable in sharing the bathroom then you can search for the dormitory providing separate bathrooms. The benefits of the dormitory are it is placed on campus and you will have your privacy as you will get your separate room and also you will get to make new friends of the same age. Making new friends aboard will help you to know about their culture.

Apart from the benefits, it has some disadvantages too as you shall not be allowed to invite guests in your room and the dormitory can be expensive too.

  • If you can afford to pay for a private apartment then can also go for the private apartment option. In a private apartment, you won’t have to share your space, rent, and privacy. The main benefit of the private apartment is you will full freedom, space, and location according to your choice.

Apart from the benefits, if you go to the private apartment, it can be very expensive for you, it is very difficult to afford a private apartment for someone new in the country, and also the private apartments are mostly unfurnished if go for a private apartment then you will have to buy your furniture, it will add more to your expense.

  • You can also go for the homestay option, in this option, you will be staying in the house of a local family of the country. In this option, breakfast, lunch, and dinner shall also be provided. In this, you will get to know the culture of the country personally. The main advantage of homestay is you will get to improve your language skills by living a the foreign family. As already mentioned, you will be provided three-time meals, you won’t have to cook, it will save your time and money.
  • Private halls of residence: these are the private halls not owned by any university, college, or school. These are kind of shared apartments, better options for those students who get failed to take on-campus accommodation.
  • Another option is en-suite. En-suite refers to the separate rooms provided with separate bathrooms with shower facilities inside it. However, shared en-suites are also available. In shared en-suite students will be sharing the bathrooms located near to their rooms. Shared en-suite does not have separate bathrooms. Shared en-suites easily fall into the budget of the students.

All the points mentioned above are the types of living places that you can take on rent if you are going abroad for study or other purposes.

While taking a place on rent you need to consider a few things.

The following are the things that you need to consider before taking a place on rent:

  • The distance of the place from your college or university. Students usually prefer places near to college or university. Otherwise, it can add to your expenses.
  • The nature of the landlord. The landlord with poor nature or behavior can make your living experience worst. Therefore, to have a good living experience you need to make sure about the nature of the landlord.
  • The rent amount also should be considered. How much money you are ready to pay as your place rent shall be determined at this point. As the price is the most important consideration while spending money on anything.
  • If you are going for a shared apartment then the nature of your housemates.For example, you are an early morning person but your housemates are late-night party persons. This can create serious trouble for you.
  • The locality of the apartment. The apartment should in a beautiful locality.

All the points mentioned above should be considered before taking a place on rent. There are more things that you can consider like the neighborhood, amenities provided, etc.