Turbocharge Your Startup: How to Create a Productive Home Office


Running a business from home doesn’t need to be a disadvantage. The right office environment and equipment can turbocharge your startup to help it secure many customers and generate a healthy revenue.

If you have decided to launch a brand-new venture and need a little help setting your business up for success, you’re in luck. Here are some top tips on how to create a productive home office.

Update Your Computer

While your personal desktop or laptop might be fine for browsing the internet or sending emails, it might not have the speed and storage required to complete various time-sensitive business tasks.


If you spend your days restarting your computer, troubleshooting problems or deleting files to free up space, it is time to ditch the inefficient computer and upgrade to a more dependable make and model.

Lease a High-Quality Printer

Not all printers are created equal. Don’t settle for an average product, and invest in a professional option that will allow your business to produce professional materials.

As you’ll want to minimize business overheads, you’ll be pleased to learn that printer leasing is available for various products, such as:

  • Multi-function printers
  • Laser printers
  • Digital laser facsimiles
  • Color MFPs
  • Wide-format imaging solutions

The above printers can print many documents, brochures, invoices, flyers, and much more. It could help you establish your company’s professionalism, which will attract many customers to your budding business.

Upgrade Your Internet

Poor-quality internet cannot only slow your home-based business down, but it could lead to missed deadlines or disrupted communication. For example, an unstable internet connection could cause low resolution or jumpy video calls when talking to colleagues, clients, or business partners. Prevent audio and video hiccups by upgrading to high-speed internet or changing your provider.

Separate the Office from Your Home

Never create a home office in a main living area. If you do, you’ll blur the lines between work and home, which may affect your relationships, quality of life, and mental health.

For example, if you sit at a space-saving desk in a kitchen, you might end up working longer than you would in a spare room. Separating your business from the home will help you maintain a balance, as you’ll be eager to venture out of the room to spend time with your nearest and dearest.

A spare bedroom, attic, or an outhouse are great options for a home office and could transform your productivity, focus, and work-life balance.

Add Storage Solutions

Clutter can distract your mind, slow down tasks, and create an unpleasant environment. If you are often rummaging through papers, climbing over boxes, or losing important documents, add various storage solutions into your home office.

Bookcases, files, filing cabinets, and shelving can streamline your working day, as every item will have its place. The improved organization will ensure you can find a document, book, or stationery item when you need it. It will make a big difference to your home-based business.