Treating Men’s Hair Loss: Exploring Your Options


About 53% of men will experience moderate to severe hair loss by age 50.

Luckily, men’s hair loss treatment options can help you look young and feel confident. Read on to learn some ways to nip hair loss for men in the bud.

Simple Lifestyle Changes

In some cases, simple changes to your lifestyle can minimize the effects of hair loss. Eating right is one of the most effective. Some studies show that certain iron-rich foods, high-protein meals, or those with a lot of omega-3 acids can stimulate hair growth and stop pattern baldness.


Make sure to drink a lot of water, too!

Get enough sleep. Exercise regularly. Lower your stress levels with some calming music, meditation, or regular reading.

Medication for Hair Loss

There are several different medications that you can use to stop male pattern baldness. Some of them like Minoxidil don’t even require a prescription! You might know this OTC med as ‘Rogaine’ as well.

You can get Rogaine at most drugstores in either a foam or liquid form. Put it on the scalp twice a day to encourage more hair to grow there. It’ll take about 4-6 months for results to kick in, so don’t worry if you’re not seeing an immediate change.

You can also get prescriptions for more heavy-duty hair growth stimulation drugs. It will take about three months to kick in.

Both of these drugs are 100% FDA-approved, so you don’t need to worry about weird and unknown side effects. Just read up and learn what’s normal before you start taking them.

Hair Restoration Surgery

Hair restoration surgery is a quick and easy way to look great as quickly as possible. There are two key types. The first is known as follicular unit transplantation (FUT).

FUT is the most common method. Specialists take the skin off parts of your scalp where there’s still a lot of hair, which is usually in the back of your head. They remove the abundant hair follicles there and stick them in the part of your scalp where there’s a lot of hair loss instead.

Follicular unit extraction (FUE) is another type of surgery to get your hair looking great. It’s a little less common. The surgeon will remove hair follicles from your scalp and transfer them directly into bald areas.

Both of these surgeries are immediately effective, but they might cause some discomfort. After all, they’re invasive surgical procedures. Still, many men find that they’re worth it because they’re quicker and surer than other hair growth methods.

Combat Men’s Hair Loss the Right Way

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