Treat Insomnia In Natural Ways


When 21st century has brought with it innovations that no one would have imagined in the previous century.From watching live cricket matches happening in the other part of the world while sitting on your couch to landing on the moon and Mars, humans have shown remarkable growth. But while counting the positive aspects of development we often tend to overlook intentionally or unintentionally the damage caused due to it.With advancements came the new age disorders unknown to our forefathers.

Who would have thought that someday humans will even lack hours to sleep? This new age malfunction is known as Insomnia, that has to be treated with Modafresh 200 or Artvigil 150. Today every country has suffered from a major chunk of its population falling to Insomnia.So, what is world leaders and society itself is doing to solve the problem? Well, nothing, if we look at the trends the number of cases is increasing with no upper limit.

Going by the definition Insomnia is a medical situation where sleeping patterns are disturbed. The person cannot sleep properly continuously for 5 to 6 hours. He/she remains awake for most of the night. Even he falls asleep, he wakes up very early and feels tired and exhausted after waking up.

This may seem not a big deal to many people but lives have been destroyed. Insomnia is a sleep disorder no doubt, but its after-effects cause damage to every aspect of life. Even your sex life is in danger as Insomnia damages your natural sexual urge and has the tendency of making you a depression patient. It is a fact that most Insomnia patients have troubled sex life as they are the largest consumers of Waklert 150 or Modaheal 200.


Causes of Insomnia

There is no one reason for Insomnia but several factors that trigger or create a favourable environment that makes the person vulnerable to Insomnia. The work you do, family problems, quality of sleep, any bad memory and trauma etc can cause Insomnia. But generally, Insomnia is described as the state of chaos in mental space that prevents the nervous system from resting. Some of the causes of Insomnia are given below:

Work From Home

Many people would be scratching their heads as to how ‘Work From Home’ has contributed to Insomnia. For that, we need to dig deep, even before big techs were overworking their employees no less than bonded labours. Working hours were any more than 10 hours extending to 16 hours. This was already putting enough pressure on employees when they didn’t have time for eating and sleeping. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, millions of jobs were lost there was panic all around. But fortunate were those who were involved in desk jobs, they didn’t lose job instead the medium of work was changed from office to Work From Home.

This saved them from being unemployed and failing EMI which is a good thing. But their mental health degraded significantly increasing the number of psychological patients. Earlier no matter how hard they worked in the office when they returned home it was the end of the day. After returning home there was no work, chill relax, have dinner and spend quality time with a loved one.

But with work from home, even that time to relax with family was snatched away. Corporates didn’t care about the workload, they kept overworking their employees with decreased paychecks. Imagine the situation when your whole family is having dinner together but you are busy on your laptop. And when you go for dinner, everyone is asleep, after that you again go on hitting the keypad.

But what do in such a situation when chaos is spread all over, at least being able to pay your EMI’s is better than running out of cash?But more fortunate thing is that nobody has shredded their concern over such robotic treatment of employees. The sleep-wake cycle is distorted to the fullest extent which shows why pills like Modafresh 200 or Waklert 150 were consumed extensively by such people.

Bad Memory

Sometimes we get traumatised by some incidents that happened very early in our life. But at that, we were not enough mature to handle those incidents. Mostly these incidents are unfortunate ones that remain stuck in our memory and keep haunting us every now and then. Whenever we rest for a while, all of a sudden, the person dreams of those events and wakes up instantly. To cure this phenomenon, one needs to visit a psychiatrist immediately. The psychiatrist is an expert in analysing sleep patterns and mental disorders and providing solutions for the same.


Even your addictions can result in Insomnia such as drinking too much alcohol and use of recreational drugs like cocaine, heroin, LSD, brown sugar etc. These substances directly attack the nervous system. The brain starts losing control over organs which results in total chaos with important biological processes coming to a halt. For the same reason, you would see alcoholics waking in a zig-zag and also speaking incorrectly. The sleep cycle is distorted causing improper sleep and narcolepsy (a condition of excessive daytime sleepiness). Instead of taking any pills like Modalert 200 or Modvigil 200, try to get rid of the addiction which will ultimately solve the problem automatically.

Natural Solutions

  • Do yoga and meditation regularly. Add 1 hour of combined yoga and meditation to your daily life. Yoga and meditation have been proved to restore sleeping patterns, reduce stress levels, increase serotonin levels and overcome depression, anxiety and such disorder without even eating any pill. But you need only one thing, patience, discipline and determination. Do it regularly for 2 months and see the change within yourself.
  • Give time to yourself to indulge in your favourite hobby. Do whatever you like get enrolled in dance class, sports activities etc.
  • Take a break and visit hill stations, beaches and absorb the vibes of nature because natural solutions can’t be performed without going into the lap of nature.
  • Get rid of any addictions which you have. Go to the rehabilitation centre if things are under control.